Not getting it done…

Are my ideas/intentions too ambitious and so it just doesn’t get there?

Am I sidetracked too easily by the shiny?

Do I loose momentum after the original idea?

Do I procrastinated to to point of extinction without a deadline?

Yes, yes And yes. Oh And yes.

Obviously this blog-once-a-week thing isn’t panning out. I’m doing ok on books and better at my little white lies. But as I write down ideas for blog posts diligently, they just are not getting written to completion. And now I feel so far behind that I gave it up. I would say that I feel like I’m giving up but I know in my heart of heart the ship has sailed. Blogging consistently wasn’t a hell yes. Am I ok with that? Yes. I read skimmed recently an article extolling the ease and benefits of Tumblr over other blogging systems so maybe I need to take advantage of features differently.

Maybe I need to do a lot of things.

I’m getting lost in a number of maybes right now.

So I’m making lists. And devising plans. And trying to remember too to be happy where I am (rocking a growth-spurting 22mo old through her nap). I’m ok with this.

Keep enjoying. Keep reading. Keep drinking fully from life, despite all your best intentions.

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