Listing my purpose

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Percolating a little on my failure to blog and energized by successful registration to WDS2012 the thought occurred to me that my blogging wasn’t purposeful.

I have a love, love love of lists… but they all have an objective. Generated by need or out of a want of motivation there is a reason I am making the list (or setting the alarm or scheduling that thing or planning to meet that person or writing that reminder note). There is a specific purpose to adding the things on it. And, for me, great satisfaction in crossing things off if not the accomplishing of those things.

I have a few of things in my life that I am working on right now that I schedule diligently… and setting aside time and space to write here was not one of them. So if I’m not making time for it, then it is’t important right?

I’m a big believer that priorities have a way of showing themselves, whether you are paying attention or not. If I am making my lists and doing things conscientiously then I am actively setting my priorities, even if I’m not thinking about it. If I fall into a routine and then stop and think, “ok what are my priorities?” Just taking a look at how I’ve been spending my time answers that question.

It happens sometimes when we aren’t looking.

Self check: my two blog posts about not writing come when I’ve a sleeping babe on my chest. I lament my slackery yet I am fully updated on my twitter feeds and have done one-a-days for the last week and am caught up on school work and the dishes are done and my bills are paid… and and (and I made a calendar appointment and set an alarm to register for WDS) and and… well that gives me a sense of my priorities.

Not all of those things were even on my LIST(s) but all of them, and more, I did before writing.

Why? …Because I cared.


Why? …Because those other things had some purpose and meaning and my blogging seems kinda… shallow


Do I like the idea of writing a blog if it has purpose?

Yes. But I need to figure out what that is and how it fits with everything else. And I need to remember that even if the purpose is just for me, that is ok. Put it out there.


Step 1… start writing about this experience…


What do you cross off your list first? Why?

Photo: To Do Tatto via Flickr By robstephaustralia

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