Wilco Tango Foxtrot

If you have the opportunity to snag any bottles of this fantastic seasonal offering from Lagunitas I would highly, highly recommend it. I had one a few weeks ago at my local independent cinema house just because I liked the name. I liked the actual beer so much I then ordered it again and (Yay universe!) got the very last bottle they had for the directors cut of “Das Boot.” Seemed rather apt and it was a good companion for such a film.

WTF is a ale (albeit a darker one), which is atypically light for me but damn does it have solid taste. It packs a decent-sized wallop in terms of alcohol content (7.83%) so be careful, especially with the big-girl bottle. If you’re still able to find one: sip slowly to appreciate all 22oz, take some time read the description on the side, and enjoy.

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