What are you doing?!

Today I did something, that for me, was quite hard.

Along the way, I was reminded of a few life lessons:

Coffee Lesson: A-B-C

Conversation with self-identified small biz owner in blah field…

Me: “Oh, interesting. Do you blah-di-blah-blah or do you blee-blah-blah?”

Him: “Well what we do is kinda hard to describe actually. See we were on the internet really, really early. I can remember when I…” (after 10min story still no idea what he does)

Me: *tune out*

If you can’t respond to my attempts to connect to what you do (eg “Oh actually we do a blend of both…” or even “That is what you think of when you hear blah right? Actually we…”) then at least have a clear answer to the question of: what do you do?

Do you not like what it sounds like?

Or do you not know what you are working on?

I mean, how many times a week are we asked what we do? Your response shouldn’t necessarily be an elevator speech (though having one of those in your back pocket is probably a good idea) but…

> Always-Be-Connecting. I know that isn’t the line I’m taking artistic license. Know— if for no other reason than you can with passion and clarity articulately convey to those that ask— what it is that that you do.

Books Lesson: Trust experience (but verify).

When the older gent yells “Left Turn here!” it is best to listen… even if he HAS until this point been drafting on your back.

> Experience often knows the way (make sure to look for the markers to make sure YOU made the right turn).

Beer Lesson: It is beautiful isn’t it?


When you start concentrating on trying to catch those that are in front of you, how far you have yet to go, your speed, your effort, your frustration… that is the best moment for you to listen to the dude who passes you with a smile and with pure jubilation yells “Beautiful isn’t it?!”

Pick your head up, look around, breathe deep and remember that this is a journey that you could enjoy.

And yes, yes it is a lovely day.


What is it that you do? What have you learned today?

Image by TimothyJ via Flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

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