I am a little percolating coffee pot…

Writing a great deal over the last few weeks, I have ideas scribbled and formed in various places: notes grouped by subheadings on my phone; beginnings and middles of posts in Notepad; musings, lists and random 3am thoughts in my notebook.

There seems to be two forms these things take:

They are one short sentence.


They are a thought that becomes a paragraph that oozes into treatise winding and bending down the page in lengthy strides that circle about  encompassing more and more material until the ideas continue to feed back upon themselves and all is lost in the muddle.

It’s all in my head

In short: I have 101 ideas and am writing… but I’m not finishing them enough to post them. I have ideas on how this will link to that and tie back to this idea— oh and don’t forget to link to that great article! But the content isn’t out there yet.

I’m churning and percolating and not shipping product. And at any given moment wildly vacillating between: “I can do this” to “I have nothing of value to say.”

It is the coffee-beer continuum: Energy and excitement bounding into the unknown meets laxidazical and contemplative leaving action for another day.

I can see where I want to be — where I am going — but in all this churning and doubt, I’m not getting very far. Yet. Always “yet.”

I am thankfully reminded of Lao-tzu: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Ok. I will do this:

Step 1: Post this in the next 15 minutes before I change it sixteen ways from Sunday (again).
Step 2: Finish the top three things on my to-do list.
Step 3: Have a beer (and maybe some chocolate) for a job well done
Step 4: Make more steps

What steps are you committing to take today? Where are they leading?

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