Wilco Tango Foxtrot

If you have the opportunity to snag any bottles of this fantastic seasonal offering from Lagunitas I would highly, highly recommend it. I had one a few weeks ago at my local independent cinema house just because I liked the name. I liked the actual beer so much I then ordered it again and (Yay universe!) got the very last bottle they had for the directors cut of “Das Boot.” Seemed rather apt and it was a good companion for such a film.

WTF is a ale (albeit a darker one), which is atypically light for me but damn does it have solid taste. It packs a decent-sized wallop in terms of alcohol content (7.83%) so be careful, especially with the big-girl bottle. If you’re still able to find one: sip slowly to appreciate all 22oz, take some time read the description on the side, and enjoy.

Listing my purpose

To Do Tatto via Flickr By robstephaustralia

Percolating a little on my failure to blog and energized by successful registration to WDS2012 the thought occurred to me that my blogging wasn’t purposeful.

I have a love, love love of lists… but they all have an objective. Generated by need or out of a want of motivation there is a reason I am making the list (or setting the alarm or scheduling that thing or planning to meet that person or writing that reminder note). There is a specific purpose to adding the things on it. And, for me, great satisfaction in crossing things off if not the accomplishing of those things.

I have a few of things in my life that I am working on right now that I schedule diligently… and setting aside time and space to write here was not one of them. So if I’m not making time for it, then it is’t important right?

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Successfully registered for World Domination Summit 2012. Feels right and am completely excited and energized (esp as latest tweet from Chris has it selling out in 13 minutes). I don’t have much of a long-range plan these days but finally doing my trek up (or down) the western coast is on the schedule.

Now I just have to get my shit together between now and then.


This will be fun.

Keeping on drinking, reading and enjoying life in the meanwhile…

Not getting it done…

Are my ideas/intentions too ambitious and so it just doesn’t get there?

Am I sidetracked too easily by the shiny?

Do I loose momentum after the original idea?

Do I procrastinated to to point of extinction without a deadline?

Yes, yes And yes. Oh And yes.

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