Taking a flying leap…

A few weeks ago the daily DealMobs was a half-off discount on a flying trapeze lesson. Yes please.

I have been thinking of trying some sort of arial class for a while (it is on my list and everything) and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Yesterday was the big day…

Interesting experience?


Did I have fun?


Worth the $20 for two hours?


A little disappointing?


Don’t get me wrong: the people at Leap Trapeze were great and if you are ever in the greater Athens/Atlanta area and are itching to try it, I would highly suggest this group. Informative, humorous and supportive — everything you could want for such an experience.

It just wasn’t mindblowingly incredible for me.

The other 3 more practiced women in my session took their turns, adrenaline-fueled and high (boo) on working on their next trick. The one other noob, initially much more nervous than I, left smiling, asking when she could return.

I… did it.

I enjoyed myself, sure, and even managed a “catch.” The experience didn’t wow me or make me want to sign up again, however, and I’d rather sweat it out in Bikram or work on finishing a century ride.

In other words: trapeze is not a hell-yeah for me.

Better than learning that, though, I’m mulling this: I wasn’t nervous about the height or falling… Climbing the ladder for the first time I was worried about making a fool of myself.

I was more concerned about perception— either my own or others’ — than I was my personal safety or enjoying the process.

Oh and I didn’t just want to not suck, I wanted to be good at it. Competitive me wanted to get up there and kick-ass immediately. While I was fine, I don’t think the world is missing my trapeze skills.

The other metaphorical thought I had on the day is that it is really hard to break an old habit like always pointing your toes when your feet leave the floor — but that seems like a thought for another day.

I challenged myself to do take a leap (double boo) and learned— or was viscerally reminded— of something most often hidden. That is the power of trying the new adventure well outside your usual comfort zone: by stepping out you are confronted with something integrally part of you.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

If anyone out there loves the trapeze and wants to tell me what I am missing, please weigh in. I’d also love to hear what you have tried that hasn’t lived up to your expectations but through which you learned a valuable lesson.

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