Bumbling through one blog post at a time…

That probably isn’t a very good tagline or article title. Cheeky and cute if attempting “ironical” but not so much if true.

Yet, I AM still learning. I’m not even close to a Michelangelo so my work looks/feels/is like the smash-spattering of a 2 year old fingerpainting.

This is of course, might not be a news flash to you my dear reader, but I want you to know that I know it. This is a new world for me and I’m putting my big-beer-drinking-girl-pants on to admit that I am fallible and way over my head here.

The only way out is through?

Apparently that quotation is about writing. Ha!

Finding my way

My way through has always been gathering information and figuring it out. A fair amount of what I’ve been reading these last weeks have been talking about theme: finding your voice, honing your message, creating your brand… Not to mention my Marketing class with endless circle-back to value proposition and mission.

Great. Here I jumped in before I solidly, completely grasped or even imagined the whole picture. Now what?

I know I have somethings to say. I’m enjoying writing when the mood strikes. I have a vague conception of what I want it to be. I’m generating pages upon pages of ideas, reading different articles, writing my own different types of posts, and generally figuring it out as I go. Is this enough?




I keep talking down my own ideas because I know I’m not an expert. I don’t know enough about coffee to write about it eloquently… I had to look up the difference between a lager and an ale the other day. I am not a very erudite reader… not to even mention “writer”… My life isn’t that interesting… 

In other words: Quit now! It’s over before you’ve started! Everything has been done!

Or: you don’t deserve this!

My better voice is repeating: Who cares?!

“Take the leap!”

…and then a little louder…

“And when you are done with that one, take a breath… then do it again!”

Leaps into the future

I have been saying often to people of late: “I would have never, in my wildest imagination, pictured myself in this place 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago, last year… so I don’t have a 5 year plan. I don’t have a 2 year plan.”

I have pursuits. I have goals. I have some objectives. But not a plan.

I’ve decided that is the way it ought to be. Or regardless, it is the way it is so I may as well go with it. Rebrand this uncertainty as a challenge and solution.

Here is my message, my theme, and my mantra: keep leaping!

I therefore state that as of Today, I’m leaping with this post.

Furthermore, I’m committing to keep posting every Wednesday… until I make some other crazy pronouncement.

Lets see where this road takes us.

If you feel like you are either on a unknown precipice or calmly snuggled into your most soothing soul… I hope you are breathing deep and enjoying your current moment and journey as much as I.

Here is where current blogiquette says that I should ask what leaps you are making to encourage comments and replies. I’m finding that call for feedback perfunctory at best most places and pretty annoying in others.

This post, and most posts, are about me and my journey. I would love and appreciate hearing that I’m not alone out here and in the air, so if you feel like responding with anything, thanks. Otherwise, I’ll be here every Wednesday, if not more, talking about me…

Oh and speaking my leaps: I tried the trapeze Saturday!

Photo Credit: “Confused Directions” by FeatheredTar via Flickr under CreativeCommons Attribution license.

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