Letter out of grandma's photo boxHey you!

Yes YOU!

Been awhile I know, but I’m talking to you.

You’re the one that wouldn’t fall.

You couldn’t find the time.

You didn’t love me back.

And I have just 2 words for ya….

Thank you.

Thank You

The rejection, hurt, bewilderment, fear, shame and pain was certainly not what I would have chosen.

But all the time, energy, effort and love I would have poured into you, I spent on me.

You took away what I wanted, so I created something better.

I filled “love’s howling vacancy” with my own self.

My dreams have been about my hopes. My passions have been the focus of my pursuit. My inspirations drove my own fulfillment. My sweat fueled my projects. My setbacks steeled my own determination. My comfort soothed my own doubts. My intellect worked through my own problems.

My will drove my own positive changes.

My Frustrations

My Expectations

My Elations

My Motivations

All made my own super self that much stronger, wiser, joyful and proud.

Instead of working with you, for you, about you… I worked for me. 

Blue Tit


“Alone” itself has shifted: no longer a fear, now a source of confidence.

I hope that you have spent your time and all that which would have been wasted as well as I.

Truly: thanks for not loving me back for it frees me to love myself more.

I know more than ever I am worth it.


Images via Flickr by: Romtomtom (Letter out of grandma’s photo box), By RobeRt Vega (Thank You); and By Sergey Yeliseev (Blue Tit)

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