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Alice Austen photo - Messenger & His Bike

I received an email this morning that I am a Passports With Purpose winner. At some point in 2012 I am going on an 8 Day biking Adventure in Thailand. Thailand?!

I am stunned.

I was very happy just to support Room to Read and now… this.
It will be expensive to fly and I don’t know when I’m going to fit it in but hell yeah I’ll find a way. (file that under #firstworldproblems)

I want to shout from the rooftops! Yet when it came to posting on various social networking sites I hesitated. Why do I feel weird about sharing my good news? I wouldn’t begrudge others for doing the same thing. Why do I feel the need to couch my success.

I have felt similarly telling people about going to Italy. I am very quick to say “come visit!” because I would love the company but also because I want to share my awesome bounty with others. Normal right? But why is it that I feel the need to downplay my achievements?

What is the difference between sharing and bragging?

That is what this comes down to. Walking that thin line of being— is there a line? I was going to say: Walking the thin line between excitement and envy. Can the two be separated or does one necessarily join the other?

Someone has to win. I encouraged others to donate/buy chances on those same sources. And I know when it comes time next year I’ll be in a much better position to recommend that others join the cause.

I guess there aren’t really lines between wanting to just share my happiness versus be inspiration versus the perception of bragging. The latter of course is what really gives me pause and what this is all about.

I —we — have to remember to move past the flinch and realize that we have little to no control over how others will hear, internalize and react to news. I shouldn’t let fear damper my joy.

If it is honest, then it is what should be voiced to the world. I should allow myself to live my happy and share my amazement and excitement.

So… Yay! <does muppet dance>

Anyone want to go with me? 🙂

Thailand Fireworks

Images via Flickr under CC license: Alice Austen photo – Messenger & His Bike posted by Michael Neubert, and Andy.Burgess (Thailand Fireworks)


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