Tales from My Local – Out of Context

I re-encountered my jotted list of these overheard gems the other day and thought I would share:

Yelled: “Loose Goat! There is a loose goat!”

“Camels spit. So fair warning on that.”

“Racing pigs are always fun.”

Said with intensity: “I love chickens.”

Response asked with equal measure incredulous surprise and avid interest: “Why?”

“I think I had substandard fried butter.”

– Unidentified attendants at the Tallahassee Florida Fair 2011

It was a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle all around. Most of these, as you might have guessed, came from the petting zoo and animal competitive displays— in that part of the country actually quite serious business. Not really a bar but lots of beer aflowing which contributed I’m sure to these and many more unintentionally hilarious statements.

I love that each quotation is a vignette snapshot encapsulating an entire scene.


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