Linkage Round Up

After including in my Wednesday Post on Horizons some of the links that I enjoyed or learned from that week, it occurred to me that I might like to make that a regular feature of this space. So, if for no other reason that it helps me remember and keep them set somewhere, I’m going to post the best of my online readings weekly.

Typically I expect to do this Saturdays. Monday brings an onslaught of new writings and links and Saturday seems more space and gives time to peruse. Since the list will be entirely too long by next week, however, here is the premiere edition a day late. Enjoy!

“…to the bold, the creative and the slightly crazy” an excellent post on confidence and hustle by a young 20something with a most excellent attitude about making your way in the world on Forbes.

Joel is riled up and gives ya a good kick in the pants with his post on Bullshit Qualifications.

This is a similar idea, little less intense, with some very practical advice on making your own way in a new field without a formal education. Michael Ellsberg is a new name to me but I subscribed after reading this and linking through to a few other posts.

This was part of last weeks but it deserved another watch and mention:

Profile of Steven Colbert, Steven Colbert and the new Steven Colbert.

Some good news on SOPA (via and @legalnomads). But don’t declare victory and keep fighting the good fight.

The future belongs to the curious, a video manifesto and ode to lifelong learning (via @brainpicker)

Smart people are never bored. Wonderful mind fodder beautifully written. (via @joel_runyon)

35 Cubicle Renegades to watch in 2012. It was interesting to me that a number of people on this list I already follow but there are some new faces and names to indeed be watched.

And finally, on the lighter side but still with a little edge, a list of “don’ts” for women on bikes circa 1895

If you have any must-reads please share!

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