I’m going to put this up as my scheduled “Wednesday Post” at 11:59pm on Tuesday night, the 17th of January. As of 12:01am I am going into hibernation for SOPA/PIPA Black Wednesday.

I have a number of other things in the works — tomorrow was supposed to be my big unveiling of new site etc. — but instead I’m going silent in protest of this horrible legislation.

You can read some of my thoughts and get a future-librarian-recommended list of reading resources, in this article I wrote for Hack Lib School, where I am now a contributor (or at least you will be able to as of 8am). This is my first post for them and I am honored and proud to be a part of this group. My information-profession-to-be peers and I decided to leave that site up as an outlet for debate and discussion of these issues near and dear to our livelihoods.

Discourse, input, better suggestions are what is needed. It should be an interesting, thought provoking, soul searching and activist kind of day… or at least I hope so. I am reminded by a quotation I heard yesterday by MLK:

“In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I am a friend of intellectual freedom.

I am a friend of an open Internet.

I am going silent in protest of SOPA.

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