Links 1_21_12

Greetings and Salutations! I’m a little off my mark again this week – I’ve just spend 15hours on the road to get back my trusty steed: Stan “Studly Tan” Sedan. Long story but I’ll keep it short and offer up this list of fantastic links for the week:

In the world of shameless self promotion, here is my first post to HackLibSchool re:SOPA on Black Wednesday.


If you only click on one link here is the one. “Stunning” doesn’t even begin to describe these photos by Tim Allen (via @legalnomads)

10 Images/Photographers who were instrumental in the Civil Rights movement (slideshow but worth it)

Occupy isn’t the first or only movement popping up everywhere: Flicker Stream of Pop-up Libraries (via @brainpicker)

Will be using this again on my ride tomorrow: An NPR Running mix.


100 Tips about Life by Julien Smith (I was reluctant to click the link too… they are good. trust.)

Some useful and fantabulous resources for Vegetarians (both old and new) by the No Meat Athlete.

Makes my digital archivist’s heart go pitter-patter with joy: The MLK Archive (via @brainpicker)

The future of publishing (a la Kodak)

Intentional Enjoyment

Best ever letter written to a lawyer (via @elisaducette) and it is by a beer dude of course.

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