Batting 1000

Instead of a super fab relaunch I have crashed/lost/FAILed at converting over to my WordPress site I’ve been working on for the last weeks. I have even managed to lose the sandbox site where I had been working. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to restore or it would be better at this point to start from scratch.


So incredibly frustrating.

Alas, the only way out is through.

Since I’d like to stamp my name on the new site when it is recovered from the depths of my webby failure, I’m putting this up instead of my intended “Hi My Name Is Post.” When the new site is launched in the coming days I’ll have some stellar new things to say I’m sure.

For now: Save Early, Save Often.

And: Double-check (or know what you are doing) before you delete.

That is what is going on in my world… How are you doing?

Image via Flickr under CC License: “danger_2” by openDemocracy


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