Intentionally Enjoying Beer

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.”  – attributed to Ben Franklin but apparently mistakenly.

Beer_PumkingIn the supposed source for the quotation he is actually talking about wine (his drink of choice). Now, this is Internet research so who knows, maybe at some point he did say something similar about beer.

If he didn’t say it, he should have.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Let us not quarrel over history and merchandizing, let us instead appreciate our cups.

Mostly confident

Since launching this blog I’ve second-guessed my choice of “beer” many, many times.

In Be In I described the additional meaning of “beer” – symbolic of life lived with intentional joie de vivre – whatever joy means to you.

For me the enjoyment – often but not exclusively – is beer.

I am not a lush. I can go a week or 3 without having a beer and usually I hold myself to 1 or 2 when I do imbibe. It is a social and almost culinary passion for me – ditto for coffee. I don’t have many other vices (see: coffee).

Beer is my invitation to myself to have fun.

As I wrote in my intro to “tales from my local” – I don’t like beer because boys like beer (though definite side benefit and yes, I am judging you by what you order). I don’t drink beer to get drunk (bourbon is much more efficient for that). It isn’t the idea of doing something naughty or verboten (tons of better options for that) but alcohol does have its effects and so, of course, ordering a beer is a conscious choice to relax and relish.

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Browser 53 Linkage (2_25_12)

Stacks of Books

I know after my post on the reading-writing connection you have’t been doing any internet surfing and are instead broadening your mind and vocabulary with 19th Century Shipping Trades and Romance Serials. Right?

Thought so. You’ll be happy to know that I finished my book (highly recommend “A Visit from the Goon Squad” btw) and then scoured for the best of the week to share – because I care that much. (and now have a starting stock of 53 tabs of linkage to cull through for your next linkage edition. Oh Browser 2, you myth!)

Because of all your hard enjoyable work reading, we have lots of videos and inspiration this week. Starting with the funniest/geekiest/best fair-use video I have seen… well ever.

Intentional Enjoyment

Side hurting funny Star Wars.


A No Excuses, Kick in the Pants, Get Off your Tukus and Climb Your Mountain call: “Our purpose behind this… If you are unsatisfied with whatever conditions, circumstances are in your life then you have the choice to create the life that you want… Saying ‘Hey I’m capable of living more.'”  – Kyle Maynard a quadruple amputee who climbed Kilimanjaro. (worth waiting through the commercial)

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Why Reading Makes You a Better Writer

Graffiti BridgeYou’ve been saying something that you think is profoundly true for a while. You feel like you unlocked a great secret, hack or have an inside track on the universe.

Then either you can’t express it well or someone with a larger soap-box comes along and says it before you can,

You have a moment of “ah-ha! I really am so brilliant!” and then “Damn! but now I can’t take credit because he said it first.”

This affirmingly frustrating situation happened to me recently.

Good writers read.

I re-tweeted Jeff Goins the other night (MT=Modified Tweet, I changed his a little):

@CoffeeBooksBeer: Hear, Hear! MT @jeffgoins: Good writers read. It’s just that simple.

His article makes the case that reading makes you a better writer. Not exactly groundbreaking material here and I promise that isn’t my entire brilliant idea.

I got a response saying simply: “data?”

At first I was going to dismiss it (troll?!) but I reconsidered. Sure, there is abounding anecdotal account of reading influencing great writers but is it a truism or actually true? Is there data to show causality?

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Love the Linkage (2_18_12 Edition)

I spent this week and the dreaded lovely VDay working for some incredibly sweet (and far too male) nerds, amongst some fantastic tv peeps and in a frantic sense of lethargy. It is mindlessly fantastic to devote days to working for someone else – especially when it takes you far from home. The paycheck is nice of course. I expend a great deal of energy and feel like I accomplished something and did I guess… but end of week finds me spent and my to-do list for my own projects is just as long if not longer. It is, like so many other life states, a balance.

Saturday finds me additionally fatigued from a long ride and feeling like this year is escaping my clutching fingers. Perhaps it is the influence of the exceptional Avery IPA I’m sipping but my bed beckons, the To-Do List just as long. Ah well, let’s cross one item off shall we? On to the linkage…


2 Bookstores opened by Marc Jacobs (LA and NYC). What do books give us? “History. Beauty. Inspiration and Peace.” Will def be visiting Bleecker St. when I’m back in NYC, if nothing else to support the sentiment.

Falls under inspiration to drink more coffee too (espresso version: bottoms up, it isn’t bad for you)

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confidence =/= competence

Here I sit… watching bars grow.

Bars Grow


In my life as a video editor I am intimately familiar with the “blue render bar of joy” and the tense waiting that accompanies it building pixel by tiny pixel from left to right. I both curse and thank the wise geeks who programmed it for adding the shimmer effect so it appears to be moving even when it is not.

“I hate waiting” – Inigo Montoya (not his most famous line but the one I hear in my head and more applicable)

Here is what not to do: replace or delete files before you know what you are doing.

There are lots of applications where being a rebel and going your own way is an incredible high. Dealing with computers/tech/electronics, unless it is in a total fun sandbox space, is not usually the time to be adventuresome though.

I could have saved myself a world of hurt by looking up the solution before diving in. Google your geekery before you go it alone.

Follow directions and always have a working back-up is the order of the day. [Read more…]