Race for the Linkage

I have 44 “To Read/Watch” tabs open in my browser from the week so the ones I have actually gotten to and can recommend is more brief. We start, as always, with the best:

“So long as we have a monetization model of information that prioritizes the wrong stakeholders — advertisers over readers — we will always cater to the business interests of the former, not the intellectual interests of the latter.” – Maria Popova

Click for her commentary, stay to read similar denouncement of media changes from 1923


An Untappd code of ethics which I enjoy that there is such a thing and I agree with the “rules” (you can find me here if you are interested.)

I still love the muppets, sesame street, classical music and the beauty of geometry. All to be found here.

Writing Rules that are made for breaking.

Great =/= Expensive. Esp in digital age. I wish RIAA would learn this.


Perspective: Intentions, decisions and Outcomes

INterest – one I neglected of which a 16-year old Pollock was reminded lovingly by his dad. “In other words to be fully awake to everything about you & the more you learn the more you can appreciate & get a full measure of joy & happiness out of life.”

Super Bowl Preview: This never happened at my C-league hockey games – would have been incredible (even if sponsored by Bud). For the love of Sport.

Intentional Enjoyment

Go to at least page five of this photo collage of edited signs and “vandals.”

Recap of the death of Superman and what it means – hilarious.


Speak Your Mind