Road Linkage (2/12/12)

Greetings from ATL! (like the actual airport and stuff) I didn’t forget your weekend links – just a little later than usual, I apologize. I’m cooling my heels this morning after an unsuccessful attempt to get on an earlier flight to Cali. Oh well, if I’m going be on my laptop all day, may as well do it with strangers and drink options. On to the links…


1, I love this headline and picture. 2, 99%?! of American women have used Contraception. Most articles link back to the Guttmacher Institute – I didn’t dive deep into statistical practices but they seem legit. I’m glad but that number surprised me.

Think some of this might be a causality corollary thing but still interesting to see the effect of investing in women. Yay! Women

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs do. Bring on the bacon!– or for me: Nuts and Avocado! (via @brainpicker)

10 Tips for writing (esp in biz applications)

Big High-Five for science yet again. If only the people that needed convincing (or to shut the hell up) believed in, you know, biology. Anyway this criticism of gay marriage bans is highly informative and has cartoons!


Do what you want.

Need some a kick in the pants? 100 People doing Extraordinary things. (Remember you can be extraordinary in small ways)

Intentional Enjoyment:

Because this future-librarian also dreams of one day opening a bookstore here’s a list of 25 things a proprietess learned upon doing so.

Social media explained with doughnuts. Just click it.

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