Game Changing Linkage (3_10_12)

Oh yes, I’m one of the 11-billionty people watching and electronically pinging about “Game Changer” at the same time. Yay multitasking. I must say I am enjoying it, despite David Foster Wallace’s assertion that it might be making me dumber by the second. If it was based on a book that is kinda like art though right?

Whatever category, it is not the best thing I have seen this week. For that, we turn to the linkage…


I aim to be this type of partner as well as find one(s) with whom to spend my time. (and “Geekprenur” is my new favorite word)

Our favorite redhead also brings warm fuzzies in uncool PJs with feet with a reminder to mean your Thank Yous

Keep Calm and Carry On: the story behind the posters featuring a blissful bookshop in England. (via @brianpicker)

“…my adams came from those stars” or How to Feel Big Looking at the Universe. (via @brianpicker)

This is dedication. “The books will live on,” Ms. Anaya said, “even if the people can’t.”


While we are repeating, a reminder from David Foster Wallace that reading should make you feel full and bring the fun (via @brainpicker – warning: autoplay video)

Hey Soloprenuers, get thee some accountability.

I know I will want this later: 21 Bloggers to follow by collegeinfogeek (about half I already do).

Best manifesto I have read in a while (despite that it wasn’t written as one).

Intentional Enjoyment

Pickup Games: So bad, so true.

Every type of book to be found browsing a bookstore.

Speak Your Mind