Resurrected Linkage (4_8_12)

Spring Treat Hunt Happy Sunday from the South! I’m getting my Easter Weekend on with an old friend and enjoying some lovely Tali weather for bike and run. After the crazy fabulousness of #killertribes, my tri and all that was last weekend, it is good to have a little downtime. I apologize for not getting out links last week, be assured they are resurrected and the series will continue from here on out on Sundays. So enough with the babble and on to the links…

Intentional Enjoyment:

This meme is totally overplayed but I did find Shit Cyclists Say pretty spot-on-funny


Speaking of cycling, this is an excellent round up of terms (in case you didn’t understand some of that vid).

Nerd out with films as code.

Less is more in work hours too (via @writepractice)

Love this cross-linking idea for books, can’t wait to see how it well works.

Good advice from Seth Godin regarding money.


The 50 year rule for making choices.

There is only 1 reason to travel. Here it is.

Always learning to be better through the simplest of gestures.

Another Cenebration of the Tiny (loving this series) Get over yourself and get better.

Kurt Vonnegut responding to a reader and reminding of the resiliency and strength of women.

Frustration in the creative process and how to deal.


Editor’s note: As I mentioned at the top, from now on linkage will be posted on Sunday. It is all part of the plan coalescing for the blog and beyond. I’d love feedback (info on About page) or you can get in touch @CoffeeBooksBeer for that or mid-week interesting reads and silliness.


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