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This week I finally became FBO.

Yes, I’m a big nerd that adds the “is” to every status message. If you don’t get it, get off my lawn.

I digress…

It might seem rather silly that posting a link to CBB on my personal FB page counts as accomplishment befitting a post here. It is a pretty big deal to me. It was a joining of lives, real and virtual, and an admittance to all that my life has adjusted course yet again.

What claim have we?

Jeff Goins at Killer Tribes recommended that we fill in this sentence:

I am a _________.

We are supposed to fill in that blank with what it is we want to be. The idea of course is that as we name it and claim it, we indeed become it. There is no magical title fairy that bestows honorariums upon us.

We have to claim the name we want for ourselves.

Once we bestow upon ourselves the title we are it. We are writers when we say we are writers. We are activists when we say we’re activists. We are artists when we say we are artists. We are wealthily industrialists when we say we are wealthy industrialists. Ok, not every title (doctor, lawyer etc) will work but when the stature is subjective, we get to determine our claim.

I had a conversation recently with a friend in production who made a fantastic leap, moved across the country and was looking for work. She asked me when I called myself an “editor” as she wanted to but was unsure of doing so. I told her that someone else actually casually called me it first and hearing it gave me the confidence to claim it.

My friend and I talked about her experiences a bit more and she has been functionally editing (in addition to a host of other great things) over the last 3+ years. “You’re an editor,” I said. Her face lit up. Yet she was obviously still unsure. I could see all the “but”s churning, those evil self doubts.

Sometimes it does take that little outside push and perspective to get us over the edge yet we have to make it our own.

We can try to inspire others, to be that voice encouraging the leap, assisting the landing, but we all have to make the choice and commitment ourselves.

I am a...

What is your blankety-blank (blank blank blank)?

I’ve struggled with that for a long time. What do I want to fill that one space with? Or (multipotentialite that I am) what 5 things do I want to fill that blank with?

I finally solidified it within myself that I want to be a blogger. I’ve enjoyed reading blogs actively, writing with consistiencey, and generally participating in this space. After being reassured at Killer Tribes I am indeed not crazy for having online friends and community, it was time to get over my hesitantation to join the two segments of my life and stake my claim.

It might sound ridiculously small, but to my own detriment and shame I’ve been putting off that leap off for a while. If I’m writing to inspire, empower, and encourage to be IN our lives, then I must fully be in mine.

I shouldn’t be separating what I’m into or my worlds. That’s hypocritical to say the least.

I appreciate and am proud of the community I have found online and my activities in this space. What then was the hesitation? Ah. Our old friend fear.

Being in our communities

I like diversity for my divergent interests. I have found bloggers and writers who epublish one piece that finds resonance but I find I am not into on a day-by-day or week-by-week. I have found a few voices that really speak to me consistently.

I have been moved and motivated by the amazing individuals I’ve found in this space. I continue to be challenged and to grow because of the incredible people in this community who so selflessly share their voices with the world.

It is with a heavy dose of bravado that I state I am in their company. Taking this leap though must be done if I am to truly be IN my life and journey.

It is more than not comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle. It is more than “fake it ’til you make it.” We must state our title, repeatedly to ourselves and all our communities, to give the it the importance it deserves in our lives and to make it reality.

I have been talking about articles, posts and activities with friends and acquaintances, but I was still fearful of taking the full leap into calling myself a blogger. I was afraid, as my friend was, that somehow I hadn’t earned it yet and others would judge me for assuming the mantle.

Taking on the role is an important distinction of play versus professionalism– for ourselves and for the outside world.

Internets are serious business to me. By finally announcing and certifying that for myself this new path can fully have the importance that I want it to have.

We have to own up to and be proud of our label, our title, our tribe. We owe it to ourselves and the people in all areas of our lives to be honest, to be vulnerable enough to present the part of ourselves we want to be. We must fill in our blank even if our fears are telling us we aren’t “there” yet.

There is no “there” we need to achieve that resides outside of ourselves. We are what we do. Once we commit to our label then we continue working and striving to keep earning it in our own mind and hearts.

I am a blogger.

I am a blogger

I have joined my other identifiers of Video Editor, LIS Grad student, and Niece-Nanny with my bloggosphere life.

What a kick-ass life to have. I have been able to help people I have never met or seen in real life with the power of my words. I hopefully I will find more people in my real-world circle that want to join my online-persona as well.

As I strive to be in my own journey, I write to inspire, inform and encourage others to intentionally enjoy theirs.

Do and be in what and where you are this day,

Jo Signature

What title do you want to claim? Fear holding you back? Have an experience of taking the leap that you want to share with others? I respond to all comments so please chime in!

P.S. Just in case: FBO = Facebook Official (cue: “the more you know” music)
P.P.S. As I continue to shift and grow this area of my life a few housekeeping notes on the blog: Wednesday Posts of musings and rantings such as this will continue. If you like interesting reading and links, a roundup of the best linkage of my ridiculous sum of browser tabs for the week are posted on Sundays. If you subscribe to the CBB email list you get a special brew delivered straight to your inbox on Fridays. And as always, in the meanwhiles, you can find me @CoffeeBooksBeer

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