it’s so easy!


All the others make it sound so easy.

Just follow the steps.






That simple right?


It isn’t easy.

The voices in your head shouting you down are loud.

The distractions in your life taking you away from what you think you should be doing are shiny.

The people in your life that don’t get it and dissuade you are many.

Our own blocks and emotions are strong and have more effect than all the others combined.

The steps might be simple but the path isn’t easy.

Stay strong my friend.

Where I am:

UntitledI am in onsite production madness. I drove straight to Nashville from Savannah, have been working 12 hour days since and am now facing 3 days of solid work. I’m still not well. A vicious stomach bug in the 18 hours before the Double Century last weekend almost took me out but I finished the 207 miles. I wasn’t as strong, as capable, as fast as I wanted to be. Going into lunch the first day, I willed my clammy, cramping self to pedal 10 miles alone. That might have been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I stayed the course. But I found a group and a stride. I got up the second day and pushed through to the end. Riding a bike right? It might be simple, but it sure wasn’t easy. Expect a much better post on the amazing, hard, fantastic, affirming experience next week when I can see a little daylight and get some perspective.

I am reminded that there is always an end. I can vaguely see Friday night in the distance. The sarcastic wit and camaraderie of the room will help pull us keep going. While we might not always look, feel, think, act, achieve our best through the hard pushes, we make it through. This is what matters. Stay strong my friend whatever you are facing this day. I’ll see you on the other side.

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