Super Moon Linkage


I first apologize for the linkage hiatus. I was on the road and recovering from killer work week and Ath-Sav. Links are back and kicking off with a inspiration-information-enjoyment combo that I just discovered last night:

Sarah Kay at TED (forgive the autoplay) – I connected with this on so many levels (via Seth Godin email re: the book of her first poem)

On to a super dose of all the best I have managed to see and read over the last few weeks:


It is so simple, yet you should really read the whole thing. This  “secret to happiness in life” post and credo is the best, most affirming, piece I’ve read… well… in a while.

Steve Kamb’s epic video of his travel and fitness adventures. Very well done and fun to watch.

A simple reminder of what is important.

Steve Jobs’ “computers are the bicycle for the mind.” (… what are you doing with yours?)

From an end of life caregiver, the common regrets of the dying.

A darkly humorous 16-step guide to getting rid of your crap.


Most excellent life lessons from Dave Delaney (1, 18, 37, 40).

Vegetarian Diet Myths.

An infographic look at (desk job presumably) work time wasters.

Best 101 Nonfiction Stories of the year. For when I have some free time.

Chris Guillebeau’s 34 life lessons.

News, aggregation and social media: results from Pew. (or: you will be aggregated, resistance is futile)

This clock is informational (what time is it?) and quite mesmerizing. [Note: it was down when I checked link – I hope they get it back up soon. If you have trouble google the web addy for pictures)

Intentional Enjoyment

Oh so pretty libraries.

I like the idea and have been percolating on my own book spine poetry.

Another well done traveling video (this one the musical kind of a pretty nice song too).

Litographs: Posters of classic books using all or part of their actual text, a project to raise $ for global literacy.


  1. Thanks for including a link to my life lessons. I really appreciate it.
    I hope to see you again sooner than later. Cheers!

    • Thank YOU for sharing your lessons with the rest of us. I too hope our paths cross IRL again soon – sorry there wasn’t more time when I was last in Nashville – I do hope to make it back to your fine city ere too long!

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