Mothers Day Linkage

A very happy and joyful Mothers Day to moms in all forms out there! I hope you take some time to appreciate and say a little thank you for the positive effects of wonderful women in your life.

a caring momAs we honor those blood and otherwise motherly influences this reminder from Seth Godin about dedicating all our work is especially poignent.


On the other side of the spectrum, it is sometimes our moms and family that don’t seem to appreciate what we do. I loved this strong statement on supporting yourself on your own terms (via @tropicalmba)

Sean Ogle has some encouragement and tips to stay positive by reminding us to look at what we have done instead of comparing ourselves to others.

As vegan (still) who went out for a long run this morning I love Scott Jurek’s message and inspiration – kudos to Runners World for featuring him and promoting his upcoming book.

Hate the product, love the message in a well packaged video (via @SteveKamb).

Ok so I thought doing a triathlon was hard and then this schoolteacher from Pensacola does one while juggling the whole time – yes, even during the swim.


As one who reads Little Bear almost daily I say: we lost one of the greats this week. RIP (or in a Wild Rumpus)

Leave it to the Brits to put the status of our gay and lesbian citizen rights in perspective for us (wtf PA?!)

From John Cleese, 5 steps to creating time and space for being creative and hence producing your best work (via @brainpicker).

$100 Start Up is out and on tour (I’ll be at the Atlanta event with cupcakes!).

Interesting look at sleep patterns (eg sleeping late =/= lazy).

And if you are interested in such things, here is how to be normal.

Intentional Enjoyment:

Funny presentation of good information. Unfortunately, as I said on Twitter, I know it is cynical (and stereotyping) but the people who really need this message are likely not West Wing fans and hence won’t get the joke or call to action.

From my friend @mostboringgirl a reminder to stop and well…

And just from me to you, my dear reader, cheers for stopping by – I hope you enjoyed the linkage. A special appreciation and dedication to the 3 people who sent me positive feedback this week: a thousand thanks.

Have a gratitude-filled week of being IN!

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