Lovely Night Linkage

Black IPAI’ve been putting off opening my computer and getting this up all day. It has been a beautifully challenging day from donning riding gear to now and I haven’t wanted to break the spell by engaging in… you know… work.

I enjoy pulling together these links each week, clipping and electronically saving them to share. This week it just seems like labor. Sitting outside, reading ink on paper with a warm cup of coffee has seemed like so much the better idea.  Mayahps it is time for a little techno-sabbatical? We’ll see.

For tonight, from the comfort of my porch with budding stars competing for my attention, I give you…

Power combo with uber Geeky Joy of funness: a story of public radio about civil rights framed in a fight about the taxonomy classification of XMen toys. Oh Radio Lab, thank you.


It is never too late if you are willing to work for it. “The richness is in me, in my heart and in my head, not in my pockets,” said Filipaj. (via and @tferriss)

Transforming your skills and why you should be good at many things. (or: the Putty Manifesto rephrased)

I will not be able to read everything… It is ok that I miss stuff… I cannot see everything on the Internet or even my Twitter feed… I will not visit everything there is “worth visiting” in the world… I needed this reminder this week.

Redefining Unrealistic (30 stories that unhinge expectations).


Google unleashes relational search.

The Ultimate list of Cycling Rules (I don’t agree with all of them but it is extensive and quite funny in a way).

How to quickly effect change.

Intentional Enjoyment

Man’s best bike lock. (autoplay warning)

It isn’t “funny” but it is definitely about intentionally enjoying life in all its silliness and wonder. Watch and lose it all over again.


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