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Greetings from the launchpad!

My word for 2012 is “liftoff.” I can say without question that this week, if all goes close to plan, will live up to that. I’m coming off of a lovely long ride this morning  – thank you complete rest day yesterday – and a round of kettlebell fusion with a weight-vest which made me feel pretty much like a badass. It has been a great way to start a heckofa week.

I’ve a few projects launching and my Great Adventure starts on Friday so I’m going to start linkage with personal links, if you’ll indulge me, before moving on to the typical fare. I hope you are gearing up to launch something amazing this week. To wit…

  • I wrote my last email about starting. This is the first and only (probably) time I’ll link an email as encouragement to sign up. Emails go out on Fridays and are completely original content not seen on the blog — though I do link to blog content just in case you missed anything and I might send out a special brew every once in a while. Along with Twitter, this is the best way to see what is going on in the CBB world and I promise some extras and insider scoops just for the fabulous people that are part of the weekly brew circle. Sign up here.
  • Speaking of Friday, I’m giving up my Birthday for Charity Water. If you’re so moved, it would be awesome if you could donate your coffee or beer money to help those who need access to clean water. Thank you.
  • Here is my map of My Great Adventure to World Domination (and back). If you have any tips for places to stop along the way or want to meet up for a brew, leave me a comment!
  • The next project I’m launching for CBB is A Photo A Day — it “officially” starts on Friday — quite a big day this “friday” is turning out to be — but I’ve started adding as I’m moved in prep. “Just start” right? (<— hey is that a segue into linkage, I think it is…)


Apparently I have the jump on Seth Godin with this whole “starting” and doing the work thing.

Whackadoodles with no concept of fighting the right fights got ya down? Here are some Happy links to restore your faith in human type people. (via @NerdFitness)

Ditto for this on Karen the Bus Monitor  (as of this writing, over $600,000 raised).

Be IN as you swing Kettlebells? Zen Habits seems to agree. (via @NoMeatAthlete)


Washington DC is playing host to a great experiment: 3 Vegan subs at Subway. A taste test on NoMeatAthlete.

Scientific research seems to support the idea that a coffee shop is a good working environment.

Intentional Enjoyment

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 (also via @NerdFitness)

The opposite of PBR, here are the world’s most expensive beers. Animal skin coozie anyone? Ew. (via @justindlc)



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