Finding the Right Trip

Last year I quite unexpectedly won a biking trip across Thailand.

Red Bike LightIt pains me that I won’t be taking it.

I donated to Room to Read through Passports with Purpose. The 2012 effort is now underway. I would encourage all to support building wells in Haiti by bidding on one of the great prizes.

You might even win like I did. I was certainly shocked and excited about taking the trip.

Yet now there is something in my gut telling me it isn’t the right choice to make.

Power of Perception

It is partially my fault for waiting so long.

Yet I have to say, and I mean this as no poor reflection on PoP nor the blogger who donated the trip, I’m not altogether pleased with the communications with company with whom I would be traveling. Yes, “gift horses” and all that but it isn’t that simple.

At this point redeeming my trip winnings would mean spending money and time I don’t truly have anyway.

I would be spending my resources on something I’m not sure I want to do nor support.

Stone StairwayI might not know much about marketing well. Goodness knows that many of my ideas have fallen flat or not enjoyed the immediate success for which I had initially hoped. (oh yes that is as hot as my abs for my impossibe fundraiser for Pencils of Promise)

I do read voraciously and along the way I have learned from the likes of Seth Godin and Erika Napoletano.

I do know that we make our purchasing decisions on some silly things like “emotions.”

I do know it is better to delight then let down.

I do know it is right to support the companies and causes that speak to you.

I do know how easy reviews are easy to write. Stars, dots and thumbs up are incredibly easy to click… and even more easy to not click before hitting “submit.” I’ve been on a number of tours of late, stayed in hostels, and gone to restaurants where I was asked to submit a review.

I do know I am more than pleased to rave about fantastic travel finds so because I was more than pleased with the experience I had with them.

I do know this age of social media (oh hi there class in 10 hours on just that topic) I have learned that bad spreads like wild-electrons. Yet so can good.

I do know how to follow my instincts.

My emotions, gut, force, brain, heart, telephone to the Universe, or whatever you want to call it is telling me to check in.

The Why

There have been a number of challenges and road blocks on the path to Thailand this year amplifying the instinctual voice telling me to look more closely.

Huh?Why is trying to make this happen important?

It isn’t.

Sure it might be a missed opportunity. But what of it?

It isn’t really a gift or opportunity if it costs me other things that are more valuable to me.

It is one thing to overcome obstacles to achieve a goal but another to force yourself into a mediocre solution for an unworthwhile problem.

Why turn something good into something negative?

I am pleased to support Pencils of Promise. I was pleased to support Passports with Purpose. I was even more pleased to support Room to Read.

That is enough.

Don’t force it.

Find the true path under your feet and follow where it leads.

TravelingMy inner “why?” voice is telling me to take a different direction.

I know when I have listened to that voice in the past it has served me well.

So I will again.

Always trying to be IN,



PS – Did I mention I am tripping down an impossible abs challenge for Pencils of Promise? Clicky through and then come back and tell me what great cause you support and why.

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