Linkage: “Where Should I Go?” Edition

I have gotten this question a lot over the last weeks.

“Where do you think I should go?”

Spring break for our study abroad students starts tomorrow and leading up to it I have been asked many times what I recommend for travel destination. I have just one answer:

“Where do you want to go?”

Departures ATL

There is no “should” here.

Just go.




So this linkage post is dedicated to travel.

Hop on my new obsession (super fun is the “Everywhere” option) or kayak explorer to see what looks interesting and cheap. Do a google maps search and see what is nearby. Hit up Nomadic Matt, Chris Guillebeau, Art of Backpacking, Stuck in Customs, and/or Legal Nomads to find some inspiration.

Just pick.

Book it.

Then of course there is the “what do I do when I get there?” Do some research. WikiTravel, HostelBookers, Trip Advisor, Google that Sh*t. But know there isn’t really a wrong choice here.

Ireland View

Wander into things.

Go where your road leads.

Open yourself up to the happenstance. 

Let me tell you about this one time I wandered into Harry’s Bar in Venice and wound up finding where dude invented the Bellini and Hemingway used to hang, you know,on accident because we walked past and my friend said “Hey I think this is a thing.” Or the lunch in Parma, or the music in Praha, or … or…

Make good stories.

Just GO.

Be IN.

There is no should, only figuring that Sh*t out. 

Here are a few other things that have my cogs a-turning this week:

Finding your Why?! (I’m still working on this one)

– Malala, Education and Inspiration by Zen Pencils

20 Truths about life (that nobody wants to believe)

Sempre Avanti


PS – A few more links: You can follow my adventures as they happen at my A Photo A Day project or in the TwitterverseI’m heading to Edinburgh — Lisbon — Tangiers — Madrid for Spring Break. If you have any suggestions tweet me or leave in the comments!

PPS – If you do happen to want to see where I have been and what I would recommend, you can see the Google Doc I started for students here. Still very much a work in progress but will continue to fill in over the coming weeks. 

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