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As promised (and kinda-promise, kinda-broken) the pic of me riding a “bodaboda” (motorcycle).

This morning has been a hard-wonderful day. We spent the (early) morning in one of the poorest neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jinja meeting the girl one of compatriots sponsors to go to school. We also saw here school and I still have no words for that experience, I’m working on it.

After a break and emotional recharge back at the house, we spent the early afternoon interviewing students of the computer training center (my point and purpose for being here) and it was incredible balm to my bleeding heart. The pride and happiness of these accomplished students was incredible and you could see what this organization has been and is doing in their lives. Thank you Universe. So with 2 hour’s sleep I’m downloading footage, catching up a bit on internet bits and already looking forward to bed.

Here is what happened yesterday…

Did the 3am-6am awake thing again last night. I think part of it is the bats. Will try to use earplugs tonight and see if that helps (Spoiler alert: It did, but only after I was up from 2am-6am writing and really really awake). Otherwise, coffee is kicking, my belly is happy-full of waffles and a fresh banana, and I smell faintly of motor-oil while I type with a purring kitten behind my head.

Life is so good.

The rest of yesterday:

APFT (wow, yea, we aren’t at sea level)

Buddy-Carry Lessons

Shoot a slingshot (see: bats)

Walk through a pretty terrible mini-slum to catch a boat.

Boat ride with friends’ of mild-mannered Gerard who lives at Jinja House, also got BodaBoda lessons today, and is in cooking school where he only has to actually be on time 2 days a week because his teacher those days “is hard.”

See the source of The Nile in the middle of Lake Victoria (behind me in the picture across the golf coarse) and learn how The Nile got it’s name.

See many types of birds, perhaps the most picturesque potty locale and also jail locale on the planet, monkeys, a statue of Ghandi’s bust (his ashes were spread at the “source” to float all the way upriver to the mediterranean)

Get off boat at boat club literally next door to mini-slum, have phenomenal dinner on the waterfront at sunset.

Walk home to play Bang! (a card game) and eat Christmas cookies.

Meanwhile laugh, learn, and share with my amazing hosts and fellow travelers on this “down” day. My heart and brain are so full. I’m already trying to figure out how I’m going to get back here. For longer.

Oh and I find it hilarious our hostess can’t believe I don’t show much interest in going bungee jumping.

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