I’m still learning…

Sitting down with gratitude for slightly warmer temperatures and a sun bright and clear. Thankful foremost for the time to write until the work whistle blows (and the ever strong encouragement from the dear one whose couch I crashed on last night). Clearing the night’s emails I find this beautifully rendered quote from the always good Zen Pencils:


It reminds me of the Michelangelo, “I’m still learning.” Thank the Universe.

Some days — most days perhaps — we go through our grind of seconds, not really building anything most especially not ourselves. We forget that our time on this exceptionally varied planet is limited and we owe it to ourselves to expand our hearts and minds and bodies and clutch of talents as much as we possibly can. It is all so vast. There is too much choice and too much mundane chattering for attention.

I feel small. I am all too often am fearful of my own potential. I let my mind churn over banality, getting ever more contracted in my world, instead of expanding it with the more in the greater world.

To believe in ourselves, to want and strive and work and yearn to learn for the simple pleasure of doing it… it is one of life’s simplest, greatest challenges.

Today’s mantra: I am enough. Yet I am worthy of learning yet more.

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