a·bout /əˈbout/

Vermont Sunset PictureTrying to write an absolute “about me” statement is hubris-filled, hilarious exercise.

I am who I be.

Part of my most essential self rejects the idea of coalescing all that I am into 100 words or less. “The journey is the destination.” – Dan Eldon. I’m quite happy living my journey and share my steps in this space.

You can see snippets of my story here, here and here. My credo of Be IN best sums up my writing and blog… at least until I create something better.

I like coffee, to be INspired and to encourage others.

I like books, to INform myself about the wild wide world and to vicariously discover various lives both fictional and non.

I like beer, to INtentionally persue pleasure and to enjoy all my meanwhiles.

Thanks for stopping by and participating in my journey. I hope you find encouragement in this space to INsipre, INform and INtentionally enjoy yourself in all your meanwhiles.

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Cue movie announcer voice…

Profile PictureJoanna June is a freelance television editor with over 10 years of diverse industry experience. She took a “temporary” break from a fantastic life in NYC to become a nanny to her niece and pursue an Information Science Masters degree in Georgia. This naturally led to taking on a librarian position in Florence Italy starting August 2012. Her life’s course has taken a slight departure from the Orlando suburban life she was living 5 years ago yet it fits this inspiration, information and intentional enjoyment multipotentialite.

When not wandering and wondering around the world Jo the Geek reads fiction, codes sites, plays in photoshop, strikes yoga poses, samples stouts, road cycles and writes about whatever is passing her fancy. She spends entirely too much time consuming interwebbed information usually via Twitter (@CoffeeBooksBeer).

In addition to CBB, Jo writes long sentences for HackLibSchool and uses proper punctuation and good grammar in text messages. She is on a mission to rename races of 13.1 miles a tredecem. She still hopes to one day work with the Muppets (if nothing else her niece would think it would be pretty nifty).

Jo can be reached at coffeebooksbeer (at) gmail (dot) com.