How Your Genius is a Bad Wingman

...take a's Tuesday!I like to observe bar behavior. I find endless amusement from the corner of whatever local I find myself. I’ve witnessed much in the way of the mating dance both towards and apart from me.

We need to stop trying to throw game, start enjoying more and be our own best selves.

My new puttypeep friend The Gutsy Geek and I have had some exchanges of late on dating advice and tips. The “neg” is a post in and of itself – I hate that behavior and will expound another time on the greater whys.

Suffice for now, “the neg” is indicative of what is wrong with having a dating or pickup agenda: it is a blatant tactic.

Tactics to connive your way into accomplishing an arbitrary agenda have no place in dating. Tactics have no place anywhere interpersonal relationships are concerned.

What is the difference then between tips and tactics? I’m glad you asked my dear reader.

Let us enter the realm of advice.

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A thousand words is worth more than one picture

I realize that I am adding to the noise here. I realize that I am ranting. I certify that this is the absolute last subject on which I thought I would open the gateway to my blog. But after ruminating for the last few weeks, there is one statement – one theme – in the ____gate-du-jour madness, that I have not read or heard as of yet and it just… must… needs… saying…

Dear Fellas, we of the female persuasion really, really don’t care for wiener pictures.

Seriously. Like, ever.

Electronic or otherwise: Pictures of your package are not sexy. Pictures of the peen are not cute. Pictures of your junk do not entice.

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