Inspiration Overload

WDS NotesIf it is possible to Be IN too much, I did it over this past weekend at the second World Domination Summit. If it is possible to use too many superlatives in a post, I shall do so here.

WDS is a gathering of incredible, like-minded individuals in Portland Oregon, organized by Chris Gillebeau and the friendliest Action Team ever. The natural question is who attends WDS and why? In Chris’s words, what unites us is threefold: community, adventure and service.

We are bold enough to ask the questions: how do we lead a remarkable lives in a conventional world? What does that mean and look like to me? How can I support others in their visions?

I would say throughout the weekend, besides just knowing in my gut that WDS was something I must attend, was that I wanted to be just around people that “got it.” I was expending energy engaging and enjoying others, instead of explaining my choices.

There was just a certain level of understanding intrinsic in being part of the tribe.

The leap and the crash

Bungee ViewWhat followed a leap off a bridge with amazing, adventuresome individuals who would become my core group for the rest of the weekend, was two and a half very intense, packed days of conference sessions, meet ups, breakouts, social events and impromptu deep conversations.

Exhilarated and exhausted, I’m craving more of those invigoratingly deep conversations at the same time needing to settle back into myself and recharge.

Like an ADHD kid on Ritalin, I’m so high I have crashed out.

There is, apparently, only so much inspiration one body and mind can handle. My body literally crashed last night, an intended power nap turning into a 12 hour sleep. I think that sum about equals what I got over the rest of the weekend.

All by choice. All good stuff. Yet because of the intensity I’m finding it difficult to turn all of this inspiration into action — as we were and are encouraged to do.

Leaving charged up to do the grand over mindlessly going back to the grind is a sentiment I would otherwise wholeheartedly agree with… if my heart and mind weren’t so damned tired.

I am also already skipping on to the next summit of the STP this coming weekend and the logistical, physical and fiscal details therein. Then I feel the few weeks I have left to get ready for Florence looming grandly on the horizon.

I wanted this post to be my grand plans for the future. Alas, not so much.

Now and Then

WDS Possibility

We all just received an email from Chris again encouraging us to see at take action towards what our lives will look like in a year – when 80% of us signed up to return to WDS. I’ll be wrapping up in Italy next July and I still plunked down money to register for WDS13.

Perhaps it is a good goal to think that I’ll be set to travel back for the Summit and prepare for my next leap beyond. It, again, is a point that I have tossed my anchor out to. Yet I think of reregistering as reactive – still riding the high – then as planned, proactive and realistic.

I know I should be concentrating on the important over the immediate  — planning my route and taking action steps now.

If only we always did what we know we “should” do.

The path between where I vaguely want to be in a year and now is a swirling messy jumble — my vision of the future is like a snow globe that it is churned up and too glittery for me to see clearly through.

I have faith that it will be, just not today.

I’m giving myself another week to let the sparkles settle and then be intentional and self-inspired with my action steps.

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves is time. For it is what allows us the breathing room to…

Always be IN

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PS – I am absolutely loving Portland. Perhaps my reticence to look towards the future is partly loving being IN where I am now. I do know that if I return to the states in a year it will now be to NYC or PDX.

The Secret to Meeting the Universe at Conferences


After Killer Tribes this past weekend I wanted to write a great wrap-up in which I talked passionately and educatedly about why we should attend conferences, meet ups and interest events to meet like-interest people and network.

The delay in posting today is because I actually did write long and conservatively about all that. But I know there was something missing. Maybe I’m channeling Sarah Mae but I chucked that one.

My fingers instead shake with vibrant urgency of this call:

Jump in, be in, push yourself out there to make real connections.

I’m reminding myself as much as you, my dear reader. Listening to the voice recording I made Sunday on my way to the Tri I can hear the emotion and re-feel the awe and tremors. Granted it was 5:30am, I had slept in a hostel and I hadn’t had a cup of coffee yet… but my voice shakes and I hear the welling tears when I say:

“The Universe is an amazing, amazing place that puts you right where you need to be when you need to be there.”

To that, my caffeinated self would like to make only one addition: you have to meet the Universe part of the way. We have to embrace the process and have the courage enough to get in, be IN, the place the Universe means us to be. [Read more…]