Finding the Part that Moves Us to Finish

(my ride with Katy Perry)

Earned GreaseTwo weekends ago, I finished an event I’ve had on my calendar and Journey List for over a year. Conquering the Athens to Savannah Double Century was a double victory.

12 hours before the start of ride– this event that I’ve been training and gearing up for steadfastly for the last six months– I was pretty sure I was going to have to quit before I started.

Forget carbo-loading, I was carbo-purging.

All plans and expectations were flushed.

From the jaws of defeat

I was felled by a wicked bug. Bed bound and completely drained, my evening edition headline reads: Microscopic triumphs over big, strong, trained self.

Athens to Savannah Bike JerseyBy grace of the Universe I awoke at 4am and was able to swallow down some toast. I packed my gear and collapsed back into bed. After a short, fitful nap I got up at 6:30, swallowed a little coffee, and rode out to the start.

Clammy, weak and unsettled, I mounted my trusty steed surrounded by 70 other riders but feeling very alone.

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I am a triathlete

One race completed counts for the title right?

Ok Good.

199 ready to race

By the numbers:

1- Swim – You can do anything you put your mind and effort into.

2- Bike – Strangers are kind – especially in the running/biking/tri community.

3- Run – Be proud of yourself.

I likely will have a great deal more to say and feel regarding my first triathlon experience but it has been an incredibly overwhelming weekend of firsts and I just simply don’t have all the words right now.

Here is what I do know…

Any haters on this amazing group of athletes that I’m now so proud to BE IN, can suck my big left stinky-vibramed toe.

(2) Triathlete for a Cure

Jen is a cancer survivor and triathlete (who won her age group on Sunday) racing in 50 states before her 50th birthday to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Ladies, go for info, continue to get tested and be aware. Everyone, every little bit helps so please if you have $5 or more, a tweet or FB post to spare, donate to this worthy cause.

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The Cycle of Linkage (3_25_12)

Beautiful riding this weekend. Gearing up (wah-wah) for my first tri next Sunday and hurt-loving myself in the process. Made it through the mountains today – quite the accomplishment for this flatlander. While I had many moments where I didn’t think I could take another tenth of a mile and my shoulders were up around my ears, I also had many moments (mostly on descents) of appreciating the lovely country around me and being thankful for my body and quads that got me up the hills. I have faith that I should be ready for the STP in July.

I also had the chance to see 3 bike-themed films last night as part of Athen’s EcoFocus Film Festival. All 3 were quite good but Riding Bikes with the Dutch was the crowd and my favorite (despite some video-film transcoding issues in the form of tearing which was rather distracting). Resolve to use my bike for commuting as much as possible and gave me one more reason to get my tukus to Holland. Lest we forget, this bookstore is the first reason.

Speaking of bookspaces, on to the links…


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Respecting Our Limits

On Sunday I loaded up my bike and braced myself for a cold, wet, misery-inducing 45miles.

Nelly Nero Grunge BW Action

The “Ride for Rick” was a long-scheduled charity event for a local cyclist battling cancer. He sadly lost his fight and passed away last week. The ride and fundraiser BBQ, was more somber but still held to raise funds for his outstanding medical expenses and show southern community support for his widow and daughter.

I thought the least I could do was brave a little weather and show up.

I expected (hoped) that maybe the ride would be canceled. I was planning my gym workout as I pulled into the lot. A clutch of men in rain-gear, already astride their steeds, dispelled my dry daydreams.

Ok. Let’s do this.

After barely 5miles I wasn’t at all sure I could. I was desperately wishing that I had been one of the smarter ones that chose the shorter 26mile route, stayed warm at home, or waited til later in the day…

I wanted to be anywhere, doing anything rather than pumping with rivulets of water running down my glasses from above, getting sprayed in the face by the wheel in front of me, losing feeling in my pruning toes, muscles aching with effort after too much at the gym the night before and in all attempting to keep pace with the only others doing the long route —  three much stronger men.

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