I found out on Facebook my brother is married.

I think the title says it all.

I’ve been pondering and ruminating about Social Media for some time. How do we connect and what does it mean? The most recent events in the life of my familial unit throw into stark relief this digital age in which we live.

It is just… strange.

I’m trying quite hard to banish further judgement or opinions on life choices, but there are the facts: my brother got married last and I found out about it via Facebook.

A wedding brought to you by instagram

Wedding Invitation

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Linkage, the Family Edition (3_4_12)

My two little– well, younger– brothers came up this weekend so I’ve been sidetracked by games of scrabble and talk of life and adventures. It seems entirely crazy to go out and have a beer with them. They are no longer the little boys that I remember but charming, handsome men, one of which just starting to get a touch of grey at the temples. Little Miss is incredibly taken with her uncles and the visit was all too short.


As much as we are connected by various technologies, nothing replaces being in the same room and sharing a meal together.

That is all to say, links are late. I know I was doing what I ought and would choose to do again but I’m sorry to best the deadline. I am trying to get better at the scheduling thing. Hope you had a pleasant Saturday and are enjoying your Sunday.

Here is what I enjoyed this week when not hangin wit my bros…


I don’t know how I missed including this last week but it is so good it can lead us off this week: A rant on loving photography – all kinds.

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