4 Great Undergraduate Regrets

I have always had four great regrets from my 3.5 years as an undergraduate student.

I know, I know: “No regrets!” Right?

It is disingenuous at best to say that we don’t earnestly regret some of our choices. [Read more…]

Wolf Whistles

ConfusionOn the road today, I stopped in a midwest town to fill my tank.

After emptying my, ahem, “tank” in the store, I was walking back to my car when I got what I’m sure makes every woman’s heart go pitter patter with joy: a wolf whistle.


My back to the offender — big pickup with a few buddies is my assumption though I didn’t turn to look — I rolled my eyes and continued walking.

So he tries again louder, faltering just a hitch on the opening note.

It at least garnered him a snicker once I got into my car. But I knew better than to look back. I was ready to let it go but damn if it didn’t get under my skin.

I tweeted out “Yeah buddy, whistle again louder, because the problem the first time was that I didn’t hear you.”

The more I think about it, the more it bothers me. I just don’t understand.

I had this whole post in the works about being open, belonging and other nice fluffy feelings. But apparently my theme for the week is the pickup game and so I’m rolling with it. Stay tuned to the end for your chance to win some payola at uncouth boys’ expense.

Oh and if you missed my guest post on my friend Gutsy Geek’s most excellent site, please check it out and give a girl some feedback.

What the hell is up with a wolf whistle?

Seriously, I want to know.

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Stop Trying to Capture the Moment

At the same time that I curse myself for not having more images to post on this here blog I rant and rave inwardly at the over-prevalence of picture taking.

This is one reason I will likely make a horrible travel blogger. I keep refusing to take out my camera (cell or otherwise). I feel guilty enough for pulling out my mini-computer or notebook to jot a note or two. Until they come up with an eyesight camera, I am resigned to capturing what I can with my own little eye peeps and trying to imprint my impressions with words.

My hesitation and avoidance of avid photographic evidence gathering is very apparently not shared by many to most others. This is a shame — a disservice to self and society.

What do we want? Pictures! (?!)

From concerts to sporting events, dinner tables to coffee shops, the OWS protests to every random street corner, cameras are everywhere. In any type of “newsworthy” situation, (at least in my estimation) every potentially good, iconic shot is ruined with the self-awareness of the participants that they are on camera– if not the twenty hands holding up cameras or phones in the background.

Under the pressure of trying to capture the moment we have lost the ability to actually be in and of the moment.

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Resurrected Linkage (4_8_12)

Spring Treat Hunt Happy Sunday from the South! I’m getting my Easter Weekend on with an old friend and enjoying some lovely Tali weather for bike and run. After the crazy fabulousness of #killertribes, my tri and all that was last weekend, it is good to have a little downtime. I apologize for not getting out links last week, be assured they are resurrected and the series will continue from here on out on Sundays. So enough with the babble and on to the links…

Intentional Enjoyment:

This meme is totally overplayed but I did find Shit Cyclists Say pretty spot-on-funny


Speaking of cycling, this is an excellent round up of terms (in case you didn’t understand some of that vid).

Nerd out with films as code.

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I am a triathlete

One race completed counts for the title right?

Ok Good.

199 ready to race

By the numbers:

1- Swim – You can do anything you put your mind and effort into.

2- Bike – Strangers are kind – especially in the running/biking/tri community.

3- Run – Be proud of yourself.

I likely will have a great deal more to say and feel regarding my first triathlon experience but it has been an incredibly overwhelming weekend of firsts and I just simply don’t have all the words right now.

Here is what I do know…

Any haters on this amazing group of athletes that I’m now so proud to BE IN, can suck my big left stinky-vibramed toe.

(2) Triathlete for a Cure

Jen is a cancer survivor and triathlete (who won her age group on Sunday) racing in 50 states before her 50th birthday to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Ladies, go for info, continue to get tested and be aware. Everyone, every little bit helps so please if you have $5 or more, a tweet or FB post to spare, donate to this worthy cause.

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