Confessions of a blogging lurker

Facebook Link

This week I finally became FBO.

Yes, I’m a big nerd that adds the “is” to every status message. If you don’t get it, get off my lawn.

I digress…

It might seem rather silly that posting a link to CBB on my personal FB page counts as accomplishment befitting a post here. It is a pretty big deal to me. It was a joining of lives, real and virtual, and an admittance to all that my life has adjusted course yet again.

What claim have we?

Jeff Goins at Killer Tribes recommended that we fill in this sentence:

I am a _________.

We are supposed to fill in that blank with what it is we want to be. The idea of course is that as we name it and claim it, we indeed become it. There is no magical title fairy that bestows honorariums upon us.

We have to claim the name we want for ourselves.

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Resurrected Linkage (4_8_12)

Spring Treat Hunt Happy Sunday from the South! I’m getting my Easter Weekend on with an old friend and enjoying some lovely Tali weather for bike and run. After the crazy fabulousness of #killertribes, my tri and all that was last weekend, it is good to have a little downtime. I apologize for not getting out links last week, be assured they are resurrected and the series will continue from here on out on Sundays. So enough with the babble and on to the links…

Intentional Enjoyment:

This meme is totally overplayed but I did find Shit Cyclists Say pretty spot-on-funny


Speaking of cycling, this is an excellent round up of terms (in case you didn’t understand some of that vid).

Nerd out with films as code.

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The Secret to Meeting the Universe at Conferences


After Killer Tribes this past weekend I wanted to write a great wrap-up in which I talked passionately and educatedly about why we should attend conferences, meet ups and interest events to meet like-interest people and network.

The delay in posting today is because I actually did write long and conservatively about all that. But I know there was something missing. Maybe I’m channeling Sarah Mae but I chucked that one.

My fingers instead shake with vibrant urgency of this call:

Jump in, be in, push yourself out there to make real connections.

I’m reminding myself as much as you, my dear reader. Listening to the voice recording I made Sunday on my way to the Tri I can hear the emotion and re-feel the awe and tremors. Granted it was 5:30am, I had slept in a hostel and I hadn’t had a cup of coffee yet… but my voice shakes and I hear the welling tears when I say:

“The Universe is an amazing, amazing place that puts you right where you need to be when you need to be there.”

To that, my caffeinated self would like to make only one addition: you have to meet the Universe part of the way. We have to embrace the process and have the courage enough to get in, be IN, the place the Universe means us to be. [Read more...]

Enjoying the weight of too much

(or: My Attempt to Write a Post Under 1000 words)

I will try to be short because I am short on time. I’m sure you are too.

July 4th "Stream Construction Kit"There have been many jobs in my life where there are not enough minutes in the hours to complete what I need get done but rarely have I felt that when not working for someone else. I find myself now in that blissful state.

Yes, it is frustrating and overwhelming and fatiguing. It is also invigorating, motivating and satisfying.

I have entirely too much to do

How much better than the alternative is that? Instead of sitting around, listless and dull, we can have 20 projects to work passionately on. Ok, doing taxes maybe not so much on the gets-my-fires-stoked scale but they all can’t all be soul a’light experiences.

The project due date, the 46 open browser tabs, the writing deadline, the huddle, stack of books, chat, email, artistic project, self imposed deadline in an hour — make that 54 minutes– all of them vying for attention in the crowded stage of our minds.

The cacophony is grand.

Too many is better than not enough.

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Respecting Our Limits

On Sunday I loaded up my bike and braced myself for a cold, wet, misery-inducing 45miles.

Nelly Nero Grunge BW Action

The “Ride for Rick” was a long-scheduled charity event for a local cyclist battling cancer. He sadly lost his fight and passed away last week. The ride and fundraiser BBQ, was more somber but still held to raise funds for his outstanding medical expenses and show southern community support for his widow and daughter.

I thought the least I could do was brave a little weather and show up.

I expected (hoped) that maybe the ride would be canceled. I was planning my gym workout as I pulled into the lot. A clutch of men in rain-gear, already astride their steeds, dispelled my dry daydreams.

Ok. Let’s do this.

After barely 5miles I wasn’t at all sure I could. I was desperately wishing that I had been one of the smarter ones that chose the shorter 26mile route, stayed warm at home, or waited til later in the day…

I wanted to be anywhere, doing anything rather than pumping with rivulets of water running down my glasses from above, getting sprayed in the face by the wheel in front of me, losing feeling in my pruning toes, muscles aching with effort after too much at the gym the night before and in all attempting to keep pace with the only others doing the long route —  three much stronger men.

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