The train stopped on the tracks 200 yards past a rural station.

We were about an hour into a Praha to Vienna trip and as my computer clocked continued increasing I ticked down to 0 from the 7 minutes I had to make my connection back home – the last one for the night. I glanced out of the window and saw conductors and then passengers start to meander past.

My tummy rumbled and I thought again of the somewhat-past-prime vegetables I had removed from my bag in the morning. At the time I thought “I’m going to regret this later.” Indeed. An announcement in German was of little assistance and so I turned to my fellow cabin mates.
Waiting for the Train

“I’m sorry but do you know what is going on?”

“Something on the track ahead… we have to wait.”

“Did they say how long?”


Over the course of the next hour plus, between getting fresh air, stretching on the segmented gravel, and a few picture opportunities, I learned of the accident at a crossroad on our track. I said a silent prayer for the person, family and friends who were all having a much worse day than I. An 140 minute delay is naught compared to life’s other wreckage.

Sitting back in my computer as we slowly made our way down the tracks I mentally prepared for changing arrangements. Again, glancing out of the window I breathed deep for the beautiful sunset over russet trees and fields of green.

My inner voice sighed contentedly, “relax, appreciate what you have and enjoy the journey.”

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Bad Barware Bingo – The Rules

Yak Boots at MoMA

We have all rocked terrible looks. Maybe not Yak-hairball-boots with sweats at MoMA bad but if you were alive through the 80s I’m sure you tried to kick it in neon or crimped hair. MC Hammer pants anyone?

As we venture forth on Fridays into the scene of humanity and hilarity that can be found at our drinking establishments I think a little added degree of intentional enjoyment is in order. I give thee:


After some hilarious “which is worse” conversation regarding Uggs or Crocs with socks, I decided to try to start a little friendly competition. See if you can spot and take a picture of some bad bar fashion. [Read more…]

Resurrected Linkage (4_8_12)

Spring Treat Hunt Happy Sunday from the South! I’m getting my Easter Weekend on with an old friend and enjoying some lovely Tali weather for bike and run. After the crazy fabulousness of #killertribes, my tri and all that was last weekend, it is good to have a little downtime. I apologize for not getting out links last week, be assured they are resurrected and the series will continue from here on out on Sundays. So enough with the babble and on to the links…

Intentional Enjoyment:

This meme is totally overplayed but I did find Shit Cyclists Say pretty spot-on-funny


Speaking of cycling, this is an excellent round up of terms (in case you didn’t understand some of that vid).

Nerd out with films as code.

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The Secret to Meeting the Universe at Conferences


After Killer Tribes this past weekend I wanted to write a great wrap-up in which I talked passionately and educatedly about why we should attend conferences, meet ups and interest events to meet like-interest people and network.

The delay in posting today is because I actually did write long and conservatively about all that. But I know there was something missing. Maybe I’m channeling Sarah Mae but I chucked that one.

My fingers instead shake with vibrant urgency of this call:

Jump in, be in, push yourself out there to make real connections.

I’m reminding myself as much as you, my dear reader. Listening to the voice recording I made Sunday on my way to the Tri I can hear the emotion and re-feel the awe and tremors. Granted it was 5:30am, I had slept in a hostel and I hadn’t had a cup of coffee yet… but my voice shakes and I hear the welling tears when I say:

“The Universe is an amazing, amazing place that puts you right where you need to be when you need to be there.”

To that, my caffeinated self would like to make only one addition: you have to meet the Universe part of the way. We have to embrace the process and have the courage enough to get in, be IN, the place the Universe means us to be. [Read more…]

Blue Haired Freak

I come home and my sister says “You just couldn’t resist could you?”


Blue Highlighted Hippie Chick is back. Under the deft hands of my new favorite solo-business woman, I once again have purpley-blue peekabolites. 

Intentional enjoyment accomplished.

Going blue

Hair Dye

I’d say it is a social experiment. I’d say it is a quarter-life crisis. I’d say it is just a phase. It is probably all three plus a healthy dose of joie de vivre.

It is a celebration that it is my head and my choice what to put there. I otherwise have long, straight, brown boring locks. I’d rather spice it up a little. Why in earth’s blue orbit not?!

I don’t have a corporate job to worry about. I’m not interested impressing anyone who would be put off by it. And damn it, the touches of blue make me smile when I look in the mirror. 

It is fun bordering on effing awesome (like arms full of tattoos but with less permanence). What IS effing awesome is that I can do it – be in the persona of the blue haired freak — until it stops being fun. Then I can do something else.

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