Confessions of a blogging lurker

Facebook Link

This week I finally became FBO.

Yes, I’m a big nerd that adds the “is” to every status message. If you don’t get it, get off my lawn.

I digress…

It might seem rather silly that posting a link to CBB on my personal FB page counts as accomplishment befitting a post here. It is a pretty big deal to me. It was a joining of lives, real and virtual, and an admittance to all that my life has adjusted course yet again.

What claim have we?

Jeff Goins at Killer Tribes recommended that we fill in this sentence:

I am a _________.

We are supposed to fill in that blank with what it is we want to be. The idea of course is that as we name it and claim it, we indeed become it. There is no magical title fairy that bestows honorariums upon us.

We have to claim the name we want for ourselves.

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