Life Doesn’t Play Out As Scripted

I walked resignedly down the hallway away from the closed door.

I stopped in my tracks.

The unresolved was with me, another presence hanging in the empty space.

I stood for a moment listening to my heart beat and my breath coming in and out. Most of all, I listened to my thoughts as they circled upon each other. It was a cycle I know all too well. Some inner voice finally whispered, “basta.” Enough.

Door Detail“Wouldn’t you rather know?”

Yes… but… I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the “what if”s. I’m afraid to be the one to put myself out there. I’m afraid it will end badly.

“Yes. Yes. But wouldn’t you rather know?!”

I sighed deeply.

I drew deep on my courage and turned on my heel. I walked up to the door with a hand poised to knock.

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The Secret to Meeting the Universe at Conferences


After Killer Tribes this past weekend I wanted to write a great wrap-up in which I talked passionately and educatedly about why we should attend conferences, meet ups and interest events to meet like-interest people and network.

The delay in posting today is because I actually did write long and conservatively about all that. But I know there was something missing. Maybe I’m channeling Sarah Mae but I chucked that one.

My fingers instead shake with vibrant urgency of this call:

Jump in, be in, push yourself out there to make real connections.

I’m reminding myself as much as you, my dear reader. Listening to the voice recording I made Sunday on my way to the Tri I can hear the emotion and re-feel the awe and tremors. Granted it was 5:30am, I had slept in a hostel and I hadn’t had a cup of coffee yet… but my voice shakes and I hear the welling tears when I say:

“The Universe is an amazing, amazing place that puts you right where you need to be when you need to be there.”

To that, my caffeinated self would like to make only one addition: you have to meet the Universe part of the way. We have to embrace the process and have the courage enough to get in, be IN, the place the Universe means us to be. [Read more...]