Non-Taxing Linkage (4_15_12)

Runners high

Good Afternoon and happy should-be-tax-day-but-it-isn’t-because-as-harry-potter-knows-there-is-no-post-on-Sundays Day!

I feel like I could hurdle mini coopers if not mac trucks today. (maybe a little runner’s high) I’m facing a crazy busy week, have a majore deadline looming and am behind for getting distracted by this shiny and that fun… but I’m in a place where none of of my tasks and to-dos feel daunting.

I’m ever so thankful for the feeling and will continue to ride the crest as long as I am able.

I hope you feel similarly strong and capable today, relishing in the joy that is life. If not, maybe a little linkage (heavy on the inspirational) is just what is needed…


More epic than David versus Goliath, Carlos versus Cancer is by far the most inspiring, kick your ass story that I have read in recent memory. Thoughts go out to this fighter with thanks for the inspiration to fuel that spark within us all.

Dr. Seuss quotes that can change your life.

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Resurrected Linkage (4_8_12)

Spring Treat Hunt Happy Sunday from the South! I’m getting my Easter Weekend on with an old friend and enjoying some lovely Tali weather for bike and run. After the crazy fabulousness of #killertribes, my tri and all that was last weekend, it is good to have a little downtime. I apologize for not getting out links last week, be assured they are resurrected and the series will continue from here on out on Sundays. So enough with the babble and on to the links…

Intentional Enjoyment:

This meme is totally overplayed but I did find Shit Cyclists Say pretty spot-on-funny


Speaking of cycling, this is an excellent round up of terms (in case you didn’t understand some of that vid).

Nerd out with films as code.

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The Cycle of Linkage (3_25_12)

Beautiful riding this weekend. Gearing up (wah-wah) for my first tri next Sunday and hurt-loving myself in the process. Made it through the mountains today – quite the accomplishment for this flatlander. While I had many moments where I didn’t think I could take another tenth of a mile and my shoulders were up around my ears, I also had many moments (mostly on descents) of appreciating the lovely country around me and being thankful for my body and quads that got me up the hills. I have faith that I should be ready for the STP in July.

I also had the chance to see 3 bike-themed films last night as part of Athen’s EcoFocus Film Festival. All 3 were quite good but Riding Bikes with the Dutch was the crowd and my favorite (despite some video-film transcoding issues in the form of tearing which was rather distracting). Resolve to use my bike for commuting as much as possible and gave me one more reason to get my tukus to Holland. Lest we forget, this bookstore is the first reason.

Speaking of bookspaces, on to the links…


This big kid is super inspired to snuggle up with a tome against this recycled book wall to cultivate my love of reading and writing. (via @brainkpicker) [Read more…]

Short Linkage (3_17_2012)

My ride this morning was long so the list this week will be short – totally makes sense. Plus my reading was light this week (so many at SXSW I think). I hope you are intentionally enjoying wherever you find yourself this weekend.


A reminder for the benefit of the doubt.

Tod Bol’s pop-up library idea takes off, bringing people together through book sharing (in honor of his mom with a fairly cool name). “It is all of ours.”

Creativity is a skill, not a innate gift.

Intentional Enjoyment

Speaking of creative… simple idea, good preparation, well executed and super fun: Light show and Guacamole.

Darth Vader plays the bagpipes on a unicycle. I have nothing to add. (via @pourmecoffee @marshallk)


Ruminating on digital curation, aggregation and attribution. Revisited this, to further educate this, and this.

I’m not sure I will start using the symbols but have and will continue to try to be a stickler for stating my sources or giving kudos with “via” and “HT” respectively. Your thoughts?

Game Changing Linkage (3_10_12)

Oh yes, I’m one of the 11-billionty people watching and electronically pinging about “Game Changer” at the same time. Yay multitasking. I must say I am enjoying it, despite David Foster Wallace’s assertion that it might be making me dumber by the second. If it was based on a book that is kinda like art though right?

Whatever category, it is not the best thing I have seen this week. For that, we turn to the linkage…


I aim to be this type of partner as well as find one(s) with whom to spend my time. (and “Geekprenur” is my new favorite word)

Our favorite redhead also brings warm fuzzies in uncool PJs with feet with a reminder to mean your Thank Yous

Keep Calm and Carry On: the story behind the posters featuring a blissful bookshop in England. (via @brianpicker) [Read more…]