Linkage, the Family Edition (3_4_12)

My two little– well, younger– brothers came up this weekend so I’ve been sidetracked by games of scrabble and talk of life and adventures. It seems entirely crazy to go out and have a beer with them. They are no longer the little boys that I remember but charming, handsome men, one of which just starting to get a touch of grey at the temples. Little Miss is incredibly taken with her uncles and the visit was all too short.


As much as we are connected by various technologies, nothing replaces being in the same room and sharing a meal together.

That is all to say, links are late. I know I was doing what I ought and would choose to do again but I’m sorry to best the deadline. I am trying to get better at the scheduling thing. Hope you had a pleasant Saturday and are enjoying your Sunday.

Here is what I enjoyed this week when not hangin wit my bros…


I don’t know how I missed including this last week but it is so good it can lead us off this week: A rant on loving photography – all kinds.

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Browser 53 Linkage (2_25_12)

Stacks of Books

I know after my post on the reading-writing connection you have’t been doing any internet surfing and are instead broadening your mind and vocabulary with 19th Century Shipping Trades and Romance Serials. Right?

Thought so. You’ll be happy to know that I finished my book (highly recommend “A Visit from the Goon Squad” btw) and then scoured for the best of the week to share – because I care that much. (and now have a starting stock of 53 tabs of linkage to cull through for your next linkage edition. Oh Browser 2, you myth!)

Because of all your hard enjoyable work reading, we have lots of videos and inspiration this week. Starting with the funniest/geekiest/best fair-use video I have seen… well ever.

Intentional Enjoyment

Side hurting funny Star Wars.


A No Excuses, Kick in the Pants, Get Off your Tukus and Climb Your Mountain call: ”Our purpose behind this… If you are unsatisfied with whatever conditions, circumstances are in your life then you have the choice to create the life that you want… Saying ‘Hey I’m capable of living more.’”  - Kyle Maynard a quadruple amputee who climbed Kilimanjaro. (worth waiting through the commercial)

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Love the Linkage (2_18_12 Edition)

I spent this week and the dreaded lovely VDay working for some incredibly sweet (and far too male) nerds, amongst some fantastic tv peeps and in a frantic sense of lethargy. It is mindlessly fantastic to devote days to working for someone else – especially when it takes you far from home. The paycheck is nice of course. I expend a great deal of energy and feel like I accomplished something and did I guess… but end of week finds me spent and my to-do list for my own projects is just as long if not longer. It is, like so many other life states, a balance.

Saturday finds me additionally fatigued from a long ride and feeling like this year is escaping my clutching fingers. Perhaps it is the influence of the exceptional Avery IPA I’m sipping but my bed beckons, the To-Do List just as long. Ah well, let’s cross one item off shall we? On to the linkage…


2 Bookstores opened by Marc Jacobs (LA and NYC). What do books give us? “History. Beauty. Inspiration and Peace.” Will def be visiting Bleecker St. when I’m back in NYC, if nothing else to support the sentiment.

Falls under inspiration to drink more coffee too (espresso version: bottoms up, it isn’t bad for you)

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Road Linkage (2/12/12)

Greetings from ATL! (like the actual airport and stuff) I didn’t forget your weekend links – just a little later than usual, I apologize. I’m cooling my heels this morning after an unsuccessful attempt to get on an earlier flight to Cali. Oh well, if I’m going be on my laptop all day, may as well do it with strangers and drink options. On to the links…


1, I love this headline and picture. 2, 99%?! of American women have used Contraception. Most articles link back to the Guttmacher Institute – I didn’t dive deep into statistical practices but they seem legit. I’m glad but that number surprised me.

Think some of this might be a causality corollary thing but still interesting to see the effect of investing in women. Yay! Women

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Carbs do. Bring on the bacon!– or for me: Nuts and Avocado! (via @brainpicker)

10 Tips for writing (esp in biz applications)

Big High-Five for science yet again. If only the people that needed convincing (or to shut the hell up) believed in, you know, biology. Anyway this criticism of gay marriage bans is highly informative and has cartoons!


Do what you want.

Need some a kick in the pants? 100 People doing Extraordinary things. (Remember you can be extraordinary in small ways)

Intentional Enjoyment:

Because this future-librarian also dreams of one day opening a bookstore here’s a list of 25 things a proprietess learned upon doing so.

Social media explained with doughnuts. Just click it.

There has been a ton of press on Pinterest this week. If you cannot wait for your weekend roundup of the fun things I enjoy, join the new shiny webby thing and follow my super rad board of hilarity.

If you have a swell link to add, please do so in the comments or check out my new bio page for contact info.


Race for the Linkage

I have 44 “To Read/Watch” tabs open in my browser from the week so the ones I have actually gotten to and can recommend is more brief. We start, as always, with the best:

“So long as we have a monetization model of information that prioritizes the wrong stakeholders — advertisers over readers — we will always cater to the business interests of the former, not the intellectual interests of the latter.” - Maria Popova

Click for her commentary, stay to read similar denouncement of media changes from 1923


An Untappd code of ethics which I enjoy that there is such a thing and I agree with the “rules” (you can find me here if you are interested.)

I still love the muppets, sesame street, classical music and the beauty of geometry. All to be found here.

Writing Rules that are made for breaking.

Great =/= Expensive. Esp in digital age. I wish RIAA would learn this.


Perspective: Intentions, decisions and Outcomes

INterest – one I neglected of which a 16-year old Pollock was reminded lovingly by his dad. “In other words to be fully awake to everything about you & the more you learn the more you can appreciate & get a full measure of joy & happiness out of life.”

Super Bowl Preview: This never happened at my C-league hockey games – would have been incredible (even if sponsored by Bud). For the love of Sport.

Intentional Enjoyment

Go to at least page five of this photo collage of edited signs and “vandals.”

Recap of the death of Superman and what it means – hilarious.