Enjoying the weight of too much

(or: My Attempt to Write a Post Under 1000 words)

I will try to be short because I am short on time. I’m sure you are too.

July 4th "Stream Construction Kit"There have been many jobs in my life where there are not enough minutes in the hours to complete what I need get done but rarely have I felt that when not working for someone else. I find myself now in that blissful state.

Yes, it is frustrating and overwhelming and fatiguing. It is also invigorating, motivating and satisfying.

I have entirely too much to do

How much better than the alternative is that? Instead of sitting around, listless and dull, we can have 20 projects to work passionately on. Ok, doing taxes maybe not so much on the gets-my-fires-stoked scale but they all can’t all be soul a’light experiences.

The project due date, the 46 open browser tabs, the writing deadline, the huddle, stack of books, chat, email, artistic project, self imposed deadline in an hour — make that 54 minutes– all of them vying for attention in the crowded stage of our minds.

The cacophony is grand.

Too many is better than not enough.

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Listing my purpose

To Do Tatto via Flickr By robstephaustralia

Percolating a little on my failure to blog and energized by successful registration to WDS2012 the thought occurred to me that my blogging wasn’t purposeful.

I have a love, love love of lists… but they all have an objective. Generated by need or out of a want of motivation there is a reason I am making the list (or setting the alarm or scheduling that thing or planning to meet that person or writing that reminder note). There is a specific purpose to adding the things on it. And, for me, great satisfaction in crossing things off if not the accomplishing of those things.

I have a few of things in my life that I am working on right now that I schedule diligently… and setting aside time and space to write here was not one of them. So if I’m not making time for it, then it is’t important right?

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