I am a triathlete

One race completed counts for the title right?

Ok Good.

199 ready to race

By the numbers:

1- Swim – You can do anything you put your mind and effort into.

2- Bike – Strangers are kind – especially in the running/biking/tri community.

3- Run – Be proud of yourself.

I likely will have a great deal more to say and feel regarding my first triathlon experience but it has been an incredibly overwhelming weekend of firsts and I just simply don’t have all the words right now.

Here is what I do know…

Any haters on this amazing group of athletes that I’m now so proud to BE IN, can suck my big left stinky-vibramed toe.

(2) Triathlete for a Cure

Jen is a cancer survivor and triathlete (who won her age group on Sunday) racing in 50 states before her 50th birthday to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Ladies, go for info, continue to get tested and be aware. Everyone, every little bit helps so please if you have $5 or more, a tweet or FB post to spare, donate to this worthy cause.

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