Intentionally Enjoying Beer

“Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.”  – attributed to Ben Franklin but apparently mistakenly.

Beer_PumkingIn the supposed source for the quotation he is actually talking about wine (his drink of choice). Now, this is Internet research so who knows, maybe at some point he did say something similar about beer.

If he didn’t say it, he should have.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment. Let us not quarrel over history and merchandizing, let us instead appreciate our cups.

Mostly confident

Since launching this blog I’ve second-guessed my choice of “beer” many, many times.

In Be In I described the additional meaning of “beer” – symbolic of life lived with intentional joie de vivre – whatever joy means to you.

For me the enjoyment – often but not exclusively – is beer.

I am not a lush. I can go a week or 3 without having a beer and usually I hold myself to 1 or 2 when I do imbibe. It is a social and almost culinary passion for me – ditto for coffee. I don’t have many other vices (see: coffee).

Beer is my invitation to myself to have fun.

As I wrote in my intro to “tales from my local” – I don’t like beer because boys like beer (though definite side benefit and yes, I am judging you by what you order). I don’t drink beer to get drunk (bourbon is much more efficient for that). It isn’t the idea of doing something naughty or verboten (tons of better options for that) but alcohol does have its effects and so, of course, ordering a beer is a conscious choice to relax and relish.

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