On Patience

Well so much for my resolution to blog every week (not counting my book posts). “Best laid plans” and “good intentions” and all that.

I have both my Vermont and NYC blogs begun but not completed and a massive amount of schoolwork to finish before I leave the country (?!) a week from today. Oh my day ‘job’ of niece-nanny has been keeping me fairly occupied.

Right now that means having a very tired 20month-old Lumpkin nap on my chest as I type this on my phone.

Oh well onward and upward…

As we were slowly making our way down the stairs today…one…step…at…a…time I had a few spare moments to contemplate the nature of patience.

Since taking on this role almost a year ago I’d like to think that I have indeed learned some. As a compulsive scheduler, watch checker and list-maker this has been an adjustment.

It was quite the change of pace from NYC to small town Georgia, but Lumpkin is worth that and more. She is the impetus for the new direction and the driving force behind my pursuit of a “go with the flow” kind of calm.

I have learned, however, that it is infinitely easier to soothe a flustered toddler if I am not flummoxed myself. I have also very much come to appreciate the idea of “plans” versus a “schedule.”

The kiddie books et al will tell you you need the latter but I have found that the former works a whole lot better, particularly if my partner-in-play is in on the plan.

For invariably she will go at her own pace and I have come to appreciate that things are just plain better working off those slower cues. The store will be there even if we take our time putting on shoes and looking for dolly. The laundry can wait until draw a little more. Stoplights are just an opportunity find a lost book under the seat.

So we make plans for the day. A sort of routine develops. But a schedule? An agenda? An itinerary? Forget about it. Operating on a clock just isn’t in the plan.

Life lessons? I think so.

So for now I will keep learning from my charge. While I’m not happy to have my scheduled deadline missed (the first one at that) I have completed thoughts on e-paper and ready to post.

I intend to make up the post over the course of the week so that aggregate I’ll net a post a week… but for now I’ll settle in for a nice impromptu nap with the most fantastic companion in the world.

Keep enjoying. Keep reading. Keep drinking fully of life.

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