State of the Linkage (1_27_12)

Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster

Since most people seem to be talking SOTU this week these links trend toward the political — that is what I’ve been reading this week so that is what you are getting. And hey did you know that “Uncle Sam” dates to the war of 1812 and barrels of meat delivered to the front lines? (via Dinner Party Download on iPod for BikeRide) – look it up. History is neat! Which brings me to…


“Hark a Vagrant!” – It’s history only funnier.

The importance of curation in the rising tide of information.  (and I use both and Percolate – like the former a little more as my click-thru seems to be better and it comes a little earlier… and if for no other reason then they have an incredible, almost snobbish, love of coffee.)

I confess I didn’t actually watch the SOTU – instead I read this live-annotated version. (just as good without waiting for applause)

I wish that Jed Bartlet was real and that he had delivered a rebuttal if no the speech itself. Instead, at least we have his Twitter persona (@Jed_Bartlet – he is good) and this education-centered response written in character.

RedHeadWriting on Politics says everything I would love to be able to say so well summing up what is wrong with the US political system and how Entrepreneurs are better than our elected officials.

Finally, the non-political but uses flame-worthy headline. Sitting is Killing you. Redeeming factor is they provide solutions, though getting a yoga-ball to sit on isn’t one of them. Hmmm… future blog post…


Motivation and gut check. (much needed for me right now as I am WAY behind in my Italian.

Ditto. The reminder: What are you working on today to build your “overnight success”?

If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday, I suggest this book of photographs of photographers with their iconic images (love on so many levels)

Music meets astrophysics – this reaches a new level of geekery that seems magical.

Loving the mundane to make it extraordinary.

How do you change? “Small Steps Sparks.” Or maybe no steps at all.

Intentional Enjoyment:

This makes me laugh every time I open it. The Ostrich Nap-enabler. Yes this exists… for you know… naps at your desk. (via @brainpicker)

And hey! Check out my Pinterest board of Random Bits of Fun in pictures.


RedHeadWriting is on fire this week (maybe it is the decongestants) and provides this much needed bitch slap on over-reliance on communication through technology.


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