Love the Linkage (2_18_12 Edition)

I spent this week and the dreaded lovely VDay working for some incredibly sweet (and far too male) nerds, amongst some fantastic tv peeps and in a frantic sense of lethargy. It is mindlessly fantastic to devote days to working for someone else – especially when it takes you far from home. The paycheck is nice of course. I expend a great deal of energy and feel like I accomplished something and did I guess… but end of week finds me spent and my to-do list for my own projects is just as long if not longer. It is, like so many other life states, a balance.

Saturday finds me additionally fatigued from a long ride and feeling like this year is escaping my clutching fingers. Perhaps it is the influence of the exceptional Avery IPA I’m sipping but my bed beckons, the To-Do List just as long. Ah well, let’s cross one item off shall we? On to the linkage…


2 Bookstores opened by Marc Jacobs (LA and NYC). What do books give us? “History. Beauty. Inspiration and Peace.” Will def be visiting Bleecker St. when I’m back in NYC, if nothing else to support the sentiment.

Falls under inspiration to drink more coffee too (espresso version: bottoms up, it isn’t bad for you)

Advice to writers excerpts.

The importance of disconnected “deep thinking time” for creativity.

An idea for creating that space (completely works for me)

Love Words that don’t exist in english (via @chrisguillebeau)

Great animation and information, including “182% yeild with ORGANIC farming over “conventional” in developing world.” (via @brainpicker) Vote for it!

Twitter or Facebook? What your information gathering resource says about you.


Defying expectations all over the Linceptional place, this guy is Nate Silver meets Joel Runyon with a dash of vegan special sauce.

100 year old man sets cycle record.

Good Writers Read. I like especially the part about it not mattering what you read, so much as that you do.

Intentional Enjoyment

If you haven’t followed the tribulations and triumph of Juanita Weasel yet, this is a great intro (and fits with my fistpump theme of the week)

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