Short Linkage (3_17_2012)

My ride this morning was long so the list this week will be short – totally makes sense. Plus my reading was light this week (so many at SXSW I think). I hope you are intentionally enjoying wherever you find yourself this weekend.


A reminder for the benefit of the doubt.

Tod Bol’s pop-up library idea takes off, bringing people together through book sharing (in honor of his mom with a fairly cool name). “It is all of ours.”

Creativity is a skill, not a innate gift.

Intentional Enjoyment

Speaking of creative… simple idea, good preparation, well executed and super fun: Light show and Guacamole.

Darth Vader plays the bagpipes on a unicycle. I have nothing to add. (via @pourmecoffee @marshallk)


Ruminating on digital curation, aggregation and attribution. Revisited this, to further educate this, and this.

I’m not sure I will start using the symbols but have and will continue to try to be a stickler for stating my sources or giving kudos with “via” and “HT” respectively. Your thoughts?

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