The Cycle of Linkage (3_25_12)

Beautiful riding this weekend. Gearing up (wah-wah) for my first tri next Sunday and hurt-loving myself in the process. Made it through the mountains today – quite the accomplishment for this flatlander. While I had many moments where I didn’t think I could take another tenth of a mile and my shoulders were up around my ears, I also had many moments (mostly on descents) of appreciating the lovely country around me and being thankful for my body and quads that got me up the hills. I have faith that I should be ready for the STP in July.

I also had the chance to see 3 bike-themed films last night as part of Athen’s EcoFocus Film Festival. All 3 were quite good but Riding Bikes with the Dutch was the crowd and my favorite (despite some video-film transcoding issues in the form of tearing which was rather distracting). Resolve to use my bike for commuting as much as possible and gave me one more reason to get my tukus to Holland. Lest we forget, this bookstore is the first reason.

Speaking of bookspaces, on to the links…


This big kid is super inspired to snuggle up with a tome against this recycled book wall to cultivate my love of reading and writing. (via @brainkpicker)

Have heroes of all variety.

Create a meaningful life by doing meaningful work.

Fast Food Nation, 10 years later. “When things aren’t inevitable, that means things don’t have to be the way they are. I hope that 10 years from now this book really is irrelevant—and that the world it describes, so full of greed and lacking in compassion, is just a bad memory.” (via @brainpicker)

Best job description ever: “I count tanks for George Clooney.” Real action that is saving lives in Sudan. (via @pourmecoffee)

LOVE how this article on exercise and female orgasm is under “Inspiration” banner… In-DEED (via @stacixmarie)


Personal Plug: My post on the Curator’s Code for Hack Library School.

Kudos tho to #TAL for setting record straight on the Apple Story. I just listened to the podcast and highly recommend you listen to both the original and the retraction. Defining what is fiction, non-fiction, “theatrical license” and journalism are all in play as well as the hanging question: “Should I feel badly that I listened to the story and I am now typing this on Apple products?”

Go Play – it is incredibly good for you. (Or: what artists knew and science is just corroborating)  (via @brainpicker)

Windows Killed the Britannica star status symbol. “Print will survive, just not as it once was.”

We now know enough to know that we will never know everything. This is why we need art: it teaches us how to live with mystery. Only the artist can explore the ineffable without offering us an answer, for sometimes there is no answer.” – Jonah Lehrer

Reframing your task list to be successful.

Read Fiction

Intentional Enjoyment:

Stormtroopers playing twister.

There is un petit peu enjoyment to be had in the above but to end on a whimsical bookish note: Spain has books coming out of their buildings.

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